Thursday, November 14, 2013

2 days until #2!

Two more days until my 2nd half marathon!

I have been tapering this week, which sucks in running world because you are so used to hitting high mileage every week that cutting that back is HARD; you just want to run! I know, I know, we're weird. I did a very quick 4 mile run on Monday (9:00 pace) and a slower 3 mile run yesterday morning before work/sunrise in the COLD (9:20 pace). My legs feel great. My goal pace for Saturday is 9:30 a mile, which is what I averaged at the Shamrock Half, and since I have been running faster than that the last few weeks, I am hopeful I can stick to it. Now I just have to wait...even though all I want to do is go for a run. Walking and the elliptical in small doses will just have to do...

The race starts at 7:30 AM on Saturday, and my friend and I are meeting at her parent's house, which is about a mile from the race course, so they can drop us off at the starting line right before our wave begins. It should be warmer than it has been lately (upper 40's at the start, ending in the mid-50's), so I am planning on shorts and a t-shirt and maybe a throw-away pair of gloves. The half marathon in March was much colder, and even though I like running in chilly temps, I think these temps will be great. Chance of a small shower around sunrise, but clearing skies throughout the morning. 

In case you are familiar with Richmond, I have the course map below. It is relatively flat with a few hills in Bryan Park, which is where miles 5-8 are. The marathon route is absolutely gorgeous...I wish the half did the first part of that course. I might just have to run the marathon next year....

But the leaves won't hurt the beauty of the course, either:)

Good luck to all the runners, including my friend Jessica who is running her 1st marathon after having to drop out last year due to a bone fracture (I will be watching her after I finish) and a former classmate of mine who ran 12 half marathons in 12 months to raise money for Massey Cancer Center and is now tackling a full! See her story here.

I will post a recap after the race!
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