Friday, November 8, 2013

I Love Fall

This is my time of year.

Low humidity, cooler temps, darker nights, colorful leaves, cooking, pumpkin, the smell of cookouts and smoke in the air.

I love fall.

Fall and spring are easily my two favorite seasons (especially in Virginia), but I think fall takes the cake. I am naturally a morning person, so I love the change to the shorter, cooler days and the excuse to be in my pajama's and cooking by a warm oven by 6 every night. I always get annoyed in the summer when people are outside hanging out until 9! Whatever happened to my cozy, snuggly evenings wrapped in a blanket?

I love running in the fall at sunset along the lakes of Byrd Park.

And all the changing colors.

And the crunch of leaves in the fan.

And all the races!

And a good book under a blanket.

And cooking...especially with pumpkin.

Life seems to slow down a little in the fall. 

It gets a bit easier.

And I love it:)
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