Monday, November 4, 2013

No-Processed November

Happy Holiday Season!

I heard Christmas music (as a joke) on my way to work this morning, so I am getting excited for the holidays! The extra daylight in the morning doesn't hurt my mood either (I LOVE more sunshine before work)!

Anyways, I spent this weekend away visiting a friend outside of D.C. and then my bro and sis-in-law at their vineyard. One of the great things that came out of this weekend (besides my butt becoming larger from a hike at Harper's Ferry) is that I left motivated to do what I had been contemplating (thanks in part to an awesome homemade pancake/bread tutorial from my brother)...stop eating processed food!

This does not limit my life at all, but instead expands my cooking and making of food, which I need to incorporate more into my daily life. So, for this month, I am challenging myself to eat only foods in their natural state. The rules of No-Processed November include (from an awesome blog you should read, 100 Days of Real Food):

What you CAN eat:

  1. Whole foods that are more a product of nature than a product of industry
  2. Lots of fruits and vegetables 
  3. Dairy products like milk, unsweetened yogurt, eggs, and cheese (I like coconut milk)
  4. 100% whole-wheat and whole-grains 
  5. Seafood (wild caught is the optimal choice over farm-raised)
  6. Only locally raised meats such as pork, beef, and chicken
  7. Beverages limited to water, milk, all natural juices, naturally sweetened coffee & tea, and, to help the adults keep their sanity, wine and beer!
  8. Snacks like dried fruit, seeds, nuts and popcorn
  9. All natural sweeteners including honey, 100% maple syrup, and fruit juice concentrates are acceptable in moderation

What you CANNOT eat:

  1. No refined grains such as white flour or white rice (items containing wheat must say WHOLE wheat…not just “wheat”)
  2. No refined sweeteners such as sugar, any form of corn syrup, cane juice, or the artificial stuff like Splenda
  3. Nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the label
  4. No deep fried foods

 Doesn't seem too bad, right? My only caveat is I am not really focusing on my drinks- I will still allow myself my daily crystal light with energy because it makes me happy and my pack-a-day gum habit because I don't swallow gum and still need to be a happy person!

To start off with this great event, I have made some awesome foods the past few days! Cooking has actually been fun:)

Saturday night: Hobo's
Sunday snack: Banana Berry Smoothie
Monday breakfast: Overnight Oats - this is my new favorite breakfast!!!

My lunches are usually dinner leftovers or meat/veggies that I prep the night before. I also love eggs, nuts, cheese, almond/sunflower seed butter and dates as snacks or add-ons to meals. YUM.

Tonight I am becoming really ambitious and am making my own pizza- dough included! I got some tutorials this weekend at my brother's place and am excited to start making my own bread! Granola bars are on my list of things to make next week.

I bought a lot of general ingredients to prep for all this cooking- flour, baking soda, yeast, plain greek yogurt (Fage), coconut milk, vanilla, brown sugar, honey, and various spices. I try to be as organic as I can but sometimes my educator salary does not warrant the organic brand.

Obviously this is not a primal or low-carb plan, but my view on carbs is different now that I have a half marathon in two weeks AND I simply just like to eat them and think when you eliminate anything completely from your diet that it limits your ability to stick with it. Also, I believe that if I can only eat carbs that I make, I will naturally eat less and they won't have all the crap in them (i.e. store bought bread, cookies, cakes, ect). Balance!

Wish me luck! I know I won't be prefect, so I am hoping for an 80% success rate this month! Join me!

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