Sunday, November 17, 2013

Richmond Half Marathon


Wow is the only word to describe the feeling of being not only proud of your yourself and your race time, but proud of your friends and your city and feeling a rejuvination of the human spirit.

And all from a run!

I cannot begin to tell you how motivating yesterday was. Despite the rain (and, yes, it did rain for a few miles), the Richmond HCA 8k, SunTrust Half Marathon, and Anthem Marathon were a great set of races in the capital city. The spectators were incredible all throughout the race, despite not ideal watching conditions, and the attitudes of the runners were contageous.

Best sign right at the turn to mile 11.

Runners are a crazy, fun bunch. I commented that to my friend Kate at mile 3- people were cracking jokes, thanking policemen and spectators, and talking amongst other runners. It is such an interesting and wonderful experience to be amongst a pack of runners in the middle of an intense race because despite the sore muscles, tired feet and poor weather conditions, runners are happy and great spirited.

As for my race, I am happy to report that I made a PR and ran the half in 1:58:03 crushing my time from March by 7 minutes and with minimal training! I think fresh legs are the key when you know you can do longer distances and a great route and running buddy help too!

The finish line was a glorious site from a .2 mile downhill sprint!

My friends and family commented how happy I looked along the race route. I saw friendly faces at mile 3, 7, 11 and the finish, so that was great motivation! I admit I felt good the whole way (sans the last 4 or so speed caught up to me then) and really enjoyed the route through the Northside of the city. My final mile pace was 8:58 which is crazy for me for a half! I guess running really is my favorite hobby, because I enjoyed myself the whole way and can't imagine a better way to start my weekend, despite some nerves and tummy issues the day and morning before.

It's crazy that I love running now as much as I do. It is the most challenging, frustrating, comforting, and rewarding thing I have ever done. It is where I am at my best and feel my best (or worst on some days). It gets me through struggles and stress and is where I do my best thinking. It wakes me up for the day and energizes me. It makes me better in all areas of my life. It makes me love my body not for how it looks but for what it can do.

Happy smiles after some food and re-hydrating!

When I run I know I can do anything I set my mind to. Just put one foot in front of the other.
Perhaps a marathon is in order...?!
Thanks for all the sweet comments the last few days! You all rock!!!
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