Monday, December 16, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason

I rarely post on work, but I must fill you all in on something...

I got a new job:)

This has been a very unexpected, humbling, and exciting development. One of those rare moments in life where I was truly caught by surprise. 

Going back 8 months, I started applying and interviewing for numerous jobs as the school year was ending. I was looking for promotions or a new atmosphere. I got interviews, did well on some and not so well on some, and ultimately was surprised when two jobs I thought I had ended up going to other people.

I was sad, confused and frustrated, because I felt that I wasn't getting jobs I deserved. I hated feeling stuck and stifled, because I wanted opportunities to grow and develop as a counselor and educator, but I wasn't able to in the way I imagined. I even applied to different counties in hopes that I would get the opportunity to begin at a new place.

Fast forward to August, I started back at my school under new leadership. It was hard for me to go back because I had felt cheated, but I also enjoyed the changes that the new leadership brought to the school. I was content to stay another year and hopefully develop more qualities to be a better applicant.

Then something unexpected happened- a new job opened up in late November for a new Technical Center Campus opening in September.

I read the job description, and from what I knew about the responsibilities of the current Tech Center, I applied thinking I had a shot. I talked with coworkers at my school who had previously worked at that school or in related fields and got information. I called a few people for more scoop on the position. I got an interview.

I knew this was a highly sought after job, so I was very pleased with getting an interview. My goal was to go in and have a good interview. I just didn't want to embarass myself!

The interview happened last Monday. Before the interview I saw another interviewee leave, and I felt defeated. Of course, she would get it. She had more experience than I and would do a great job. Why was I even here? I made up my mind while waiting in the lobby before going into the interview that this would be the last "promotion" I applied to until I could get experience at different schools or levels.

I went in and did ok. I felt my personality shown through very well but that someone else probably answered the questions better. However, I had good rapport with the principal, so at least I didn't feel embarrased! I left and told those who knew I had applied that I surely didn't get it. Three days went on and no news was heard, so I was 100% convinced it wasn't me.

Then came Friday morning.

I was getting off a plane in Austin at 10 AM Texas time when I turned on my phone. I had a voice message from HR. It was like my heart stopped.

I called back once I got in the terminal.

I had gotten the job.

I was literally shaking and at a loss for words. So rarely in life does something so unexpected happen. 

It was a great start to the weekend, but it was also hard to be away from work when this developed as news was spreading and I was not one to deliver it. I also had questions that I could not get answers to until Monday. A few sleepless nights (and a fabulous trip) later, Monday arrived.

I was nervous and excited to go back to work and see everyone. From the minute I walked in, though, I was overcome with support. The encouragement from the administration, my counseling team, the staff at my school and even from around the county once the announcement went out was incredible.

I hope everyone has one day in their life like I did today- where you see yourself in other people's eyes and see the reach that you can have within a small place.

I will miss my school, the students and the staff. Leaving is always hard, but this whole experience has taught me that everything happens for a reason. If I had moved to another school or gotten another job last spring or summer, I would not have the opportunity for this new job. A job that I truly believe is the best fit for me.

So thank you to everyone reading this for your support! I am humbled, honored and grateful to be where I am today, and I will work to never lose this feeling.

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