Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Hustle

Whew. December is a busy month!

Getting back into the swing of work after the long holiday weekend was really tough. I was not feeling it AT ALL. Work was super busy, and I also had an event every single night after work (except Monday...but I had workout plans with a friend that evening), so I was never really given the chance to regroup. As I have said, I like to have plans about 50% of my days after school (maybe slightly more depending on my mood), but having something for 5 straight nights is too much for me. Of course, once I am at my activity I always have fun, but leading up to it I get stressed and don't want to go! This week those activities included babysitting (Tuesday and Thursday), dinner/drink plans (Tuesday and Wednesday), ticket sales at my school (Thursday), and hosting a party (Friday). Whew!

Speaking of hosting a party- I hosted my first Premier Jewelry show on Friday at my condo! I went to a show back in October and had a great time and thought it would be a great way to have friends come together for a ladies evening of wine and dessert and holiday shopping! This is such a busy time of year that many of my friend could not attend, but it was a lot of fun with the six girls who came. That actually ended up being a comfortable amount of people to host in my condo. I think I will do my next show around my birthday and maybe in a restaurant?! I love the rep who comes and sets up all the jewelry- she is great! The collection is great, too.

Last night, after finishing up ALL my Christmas shopping, I attended a 90's Party with my coworkers at one of their apartments. It was pretty hysterical seeing people dressed up in their various 90's gear, the complimentary slap bracelet people got as they came in, the super nintendo set up in the main room, and the food they served- pizza bagels, pudding, airheads, ring pops, bubble tape, gushers, various "fruit" juice packs...:) The games and music were the best part! Great idea for a party!

A little clueless, 90's rock, 90210 and tacky holiday gear.


Our favorite childhood drinks!

Love the 90's!

Awkward family photo:)
Today the weather is not so great here in VA, so I am catching up after the busy week! I have another busy one coming up, but I go to Austin on Thursday to visit my friend, Jane, so it will be a short one!

Oh, and for those of you who care, I decided NOT to send out a Holiday Newsletter this year...I honestly didn't feel like I had anything noteworthy to say or announce, and I saw SO many friends and family this year at various weddings, I feel like people are pretty caught up on my life. And you have this great blog to read in case you are ever feeling out of the loop...:)

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