Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Newsletter That Wasn't

So I had plans to continue my holiday newsletter tradition this year...

but it didn't happen.

I honestly felt that I didn't have much new information to share due to me seeing so many friends and family this year and the fact that I communicate about my life on this blog.

So I wrote one, but decided against mailing it out. For those of you who care, feel free to read below to see what you would have gotten in the mail!

Christmas Prom!

Thanks to all the great feedback from my inaugural holiday newsletter, I decided to keep the tradition alive this year (oops)! I know you were worried.

  No big complaints from me about 2013. Nothing incredible and/or awful (thankfully) happened this year, but I stayed busy enjoying myself.  The main item from the beginning of the year was training for my 1st half marathon. After 12 longs weeks of training (too long, I might add), I ran the Virginia Beach Shamrock Half Marathon in March beating my goal time of 2:10 by 5 minutes! I celebrated by eating my weight in food (why else do I run so much if I can’t pig out?!)

  April was awesome because my mom and I traveled to Spain during my spring break. We went to Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona and highly recommend anyone to visit Spain. We want to go back!

  The school year finished up quickly with me coaching varsity soccer. That kept me busy after school and involved a lot of me yelling at the girls to run, which meant I could run too. (I have come to the conclusion that yelling makes high school students like you more…don’t ask me why).

  I spent my summer working as an assistant pool manager at a local country club and attending 9(!) weddings and 1 bachelorette weekend (NYC, baby!) in addition to a week at the Outer Banks. Shout outs to all my friends who got married- all the weddings were unique and fun and get my food seal of approval (love those bacon wrapped dates)!

  I started back at my high school in late August for year four! It is crazy to think I have been a “real” person for so long. There were many administrative changes at my school, so the year has felt different (and my office moved). My role as counselor is pretty cyclical in terms of college and career readiness programs with the day-to-day differing depending on student crisis and needs. I added babysitting to my after-school schedule 1-2 days a week in addition to playing social wiffleball, which was very fun! Fall also involved trips to many local college football games, though I mostly routed for Ohio State since my alma mater did not have a stellar season. Good thing I don’t really care who wins and just like the social atmosphere of games and tailgates!

  I last minute decided to run half marathon #2 in Richmond in November and established a new personal record with the time of 1:58:03! Perhaps minimal training is the best race prep? I now have the marathon bug! We’ll see:). I finished up the year with a trip to Austin in mid-December to visit my friend Jane and her hubby.

  Twenty-Fourteen looks exciting as well. I start my new job at the end of January as School Counseling Coordinator for the Chesterfield Technical Center Hull Street Campus and have some BIG trips coming up, including San Francisco (winter), somewhere tropical TBD (spring break) and Greece (summer). If you ever would like to join me on a trip or want to go somewhere and no one will go with you- please give me a call! I am up for ANYWHERE!

  Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and new year!!!

Much love,

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