Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letting Go

My goal for this year is to divest myself of things that don't matter and add in more things that do.

Pretty vague, huh?

I really want to add more enrichment into my life and take away the negative. Let go of people and things that do not bring me joy or happiness and add in more things that do. Find more meaning in what it means to really be a successful, happy, productive person. Discover more joy and live more in the moment. Part of this is finding an organization to give my time and energy to in the form of volunteering. I have some ideas that I am looking into, but I really want this to be a big part of my life this year (and hopefully every year). Giving back to my community is something I have lost since finishing school, so I am itching to find ways to bring that side of me out again. Ideally, running will be involved in this somehow...I have ideas:)!

I also want to reach out to meet a new group of people in Richmond. Since I have a new job starting at the end of January, I know that I will be here for the foreseeable future. I would like to do more "meet up" groups and explore opportunities on my own. So many of my friends are busy and doing things with their own lives that I want to take charge by myself. I need to lookout for me in ways to better myself and my social circle.

When adding in more, it is also an important process to let things go. It is sad but a necessary aspect of life. However, people move on and go through different stages, so it is essential to recognize when your place in someone/something's life and their place in yours is not what it once was. No hard feelings...just moving on. Life goes on. I am working on this as well.

What are your goals for 2014?

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