Tuesday, January 21, 2014

San Francisco, Giddy Up! (Cue Brian Wilson song...)


I just came back from an incredible looooong weekend in San Francisco with friends (sorority sisters) from college. It was an amazing 4 days visiting the city of San Fran, the ocean, Sausalito, Napa, and Berkeley. I am obsessed with that part of California. Nothing I say or show you can do it justice, but I will do my best!

I flew in late on Thursday night (I met my friend Brandy in Atlanta), and we were straight at it on Friday with our group of gals with a morning run and exploration of the city!

The hills!

Fisherman's Warf along the bay.


Sea Lions everywhere! Coolest thing ever.

Education station.

Ghiradelli before (sorry it is the wrong way)....

...and after! Walking all around works up an appetite:)

Happiness with these great ladies!


Selfie while resting from walking up a long hill!

Street Cars! 



Best dumplings ever.

Friends from RVA in San Fran!

Taco Crawl in the Mission!
On Saturday, after another great run, we ventured out to a Farmer's Market for great local food before traveling in a car around the city.

Farmer's Market- Yum!

Can we talk about the perfect weather?

Alamo Square! Everywhere you look....

Random palace in the middle of the city...no big deal!

One of the cars.

Golden Gate!

The Pacific!

My first steps in the Pacific Ocean! Brrrrr!

Nothing like the beach in January.

Pale, happy feet:)

Picnic time!

The group:)

The City across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cutest city ever, Sausalito.

Muir Woods Forest!
We finished Saturday in Napa where we stayed at a house and cooked dinner (aka the boys cooked dinner and we ate and drank). Sunday was wine tasting day in Napa! We went to four wineries in six hours...no big deal.

Whole group at our first stop!

Winery #2.

Winery #3.

Looking good three stops in!

Last stop!

Champagne at the end!

Still going strong...albeit tired:)

We ended Sunday in Berkeley and spent Monday morning there (exploring on a run of course) before heading over to San Fran again. We had tickets to Alcatraz at 1, which was creepy and amazing all at the same time, but my camera was dead by then so I have no pictures! Oh well- I will steal them from other girls! The evening was spent with more dumplings, pizza, wine and girl talk whilst watching The Bachelor before we had to head to our red eye flight!

Best weekend ever. Everyone needs to go to San Fran...preferably with a group of friends as amazing as mine! I have not laughed that much in forever. I love my college groups' annual (and sometimes bi-annual) trips. Such a great tradition- we have done trips to NYC, Florida, DC, NYC again, Connecticut and multiple to Charlottesville. Alaska 2015 is our next big one! Thanks ladies!!!

Now...how do I go about finding a job that will relocate me to Cali?!

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