Monday, February 3, 2014

Just do it.

We are into the second month of the year! January was a pretty great month, probably because I only worked 13 days with vacations and snow-days:) 

I have been thinking a lot about life lately and taking charge of yourself and your goals. I started this year with the resolution of "letting go" of certain things and aspects of my life, and I am continuing with that trend this month. I am digging a little deeper, though, in that I really want to stop looking for things I think I need in my life.

I felt very happy this month. I fully believe that happiness is never having to stop and think if you are. I usually am constantly thinking,' if this' and' if that' occurred I would be happier or in a better place. I did much less of that in January. Probably because I was doing a lot of living.

Between busy days at work (and gearing up for a new job), heading to San Francisco and enjoying many snow days spent with friends, I did many things and yet not a lot all at once. I didn't do anything extravagant or out of the ordinary (besides my trip), but I kept busy doing things that I love. Whether that was sitting in a coffee shop with friends for hours and hours talking about nothing, or going to bed early or hitting up a movie by myself, I did what I wanted. I didn't apologize for saying no to things I didn't want to do, but I was open enough to new experiences.

One area that I am resolving to stop looking is the dating scene. I have been very active recently (and in the past) in putting myself out there and really searching for someone. Boy, am I tired. I do not feel like I am at my best or am a most accurate depiction of myself when I am looking so much for something I don't even know if I want. (I had the epiphany the other day of realizing that if none of my friends were in relationships would I want to be in one? The answer was a quick and easy, "No."). I don't know what is in the cards for me, but I know the time and energy I waste searching is only negatively impacting me and my personal goals. So I am stopping. I am vowing to no longer go looking for a relationship and will instead follow the saying of "don't go searching for true love. It will find you." I believe it will if it is meant to be, but I will be ok either way. I am excited to take the energy from that search and put it into something else that will provide me guaranteed satisfaction. 

I also am gearing up to get back into training mode for my races coming up. I am taking a much more laid back route to running this year with no set goals or times for any races this year, but it is always a work in progress listening to my body more than my head (rest days- you KILL me!). However, I still have a marathon on the horizon for the fall...:)

I am just going to keep doing what makes me happy- whatever that may be on any given day. I'm just gonna DO IT. 

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