Monday, March 3, 2014

March is Madness

Nothing like living in Virginia to enjoy a 70 degree day on Sunday and a snow day on Monday!

I have gotten really bad about blogging...I blame it on the fact that I am now obsessed with Instagram, so I get to share aspects of my life with people everyday! Blogging just does not seem as necessary:) I also have been doing more of the same in terms of my daily life...running, reading, eating, relaxing and hanging with Romo.

So handsome!

Won't let me go running!
We don't want to bore you too much!

As for my news- my big race (Shamrock Half Marathon) is in less than two weeks! I have been training with a group that runs at 8 AM on Saturday mornings near my condo. My long runs have included me running 8 on my own (which sucked) and 10 and 12.5 miles with the running group. Running group runs are so much more fun and take me to areas I don't normally go. I also love chatting with people while I run:) I have felt great on all the long runs (and have begun running before work during the week) but my blisters have returned! I think I will need new shoes after the race to gear up for the rest of the spring races! Ugh for my random running issues...

Yes, please!

Midway through a COLD 12.5 miles and blisters!

And as you know more running=more HUNGER. I am a bottomless pit lately. It is disgusting and annoying because I am hungry every 2 hours and all I want are carbs. Thankfully Puffins are my go-to snack of late that curbs my craving for carbs, sugar and peanut butter (obvi I always crave PB or AB).

ON another note, my "official" first day at the new job was supposed to be today, but the weather has other plans! I am eager to get started and get ready to open up a new school! I have already enjoyed my larger opening a 457(b)! I am so exciting- gotta prep for retirement and save some money on taxes for next year (I owed a total of $1,120 this year)! I do have some fun trips planned for 2014, though, so don't worry- more details to come! I am booking one today actually...

I leave ya'll with the exciting news of Virginia Men's Basketball being ranked #5 in the country after beating Syracuse and clinching the ACC title! Gotta love being good at a major sport for once:)! 


Have a great week!

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