Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poor Rolywa

First off, on an unrelated note to anything else in this post, my body is officially the most fickle thing EVER because despite my non-running mood, I PR'ed at the Monument 10k this weekend. I don't understand it either.


Anyways, my main reason for this post is to tell you all that my poor 2004 Saturn ION has been recalled yet again for another serious issue. In addition to the ignition switch being faulty (which I already got replaced a few years ago), there is now a recall for power steering. None of these parts have been officially fixed by GM yet due to parts needing to be supplied with the dealer, so I am driving risky. My car is a defected mess.

I am torn for many reasons about all these issues. First, I will definitely get them fixed because it's free and needed, but now I don't know what to do about my car. I have already mentally committed to the fact that I do not want to put much more money into my car because of her age, and, therefore, I have learned to deal with many minor issues that I will not get fixed (leaky sunroof, squeaky wheel, ect). There is something very freeing about not worrying about your car or anything going wrong with it when you accept these facts. Usually you can get a couple years out of it with low insurance and no expenses!  However, there is also a part of me that is now worried about my car. I don't trust driving her as much:(. She only has 89,000 miles on her, though, so that is what keeps bringing me round to the fact that I should have a few mores years left. For sure I will not take any extreme measures to fix anything, but I hope my trade-in value is not damaged by these recalls. I would guess I could get about 3k for her. 

Still, the whole situation is very unsettling. Anyone else dealt with bad/numerous recalls? What would you do? Do you think I can get money back from already getting a new ignition switch a few years ago (that would be nice!)?
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