Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Life of Leisure

Lately, I have been doing a lot of working (my real job and pool managing), running, eating/grilling out with friends, wine drinking and watching my new obsession, "Damages." It's a tough life!

Don't mess with these chicks!

This past weekend I even got to go back to Prom! Even though I do not work at MBK anymore, my friends still let me accompany them to dances:) They are so nice. 

My mentee and I at dinner

Some MBK ladies.

Posin' with the admin!

Fabulous friends!
In other news, I am officially DONE with selling tickets after school at MBK for sporting events...once my new school opens, the location won't be convenient for me to go back to Meadowbrook to sell tickets after school. I had my last game last Tuesday. It was a good 3 years of ticketing/coaching! I will still visit. And I will no longer get as much reading done...

Also, even though I have a 12-month position now, I am still helping to assistant manage at the pool I worked at last summer. This long weekend I was there every day! My certification is still good and it is an easy gig, so I figured I will work 2 shifts a week through the end of June and then only once in a while in July and August when my vacationing and work schedule pick up. You know I am a sucker for extra traveling money and a tan:)!

Enjoy the end of May!
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