Monday, May 5, 2014


I saw this commercial while watching TV last night, and I loved its message (minus the GNC part, though if this gets you to buy some GNC supplements, then go ahead):

Part of my new year's resolution this year was to get out of being "average." I want more to my life than work and friends and exercise and fun, I want it to mean more than just the day to day routine. I wanted to devote more of my time to helping out organizations that I am passionate about and to give back to my community. Since I have been in the working world for almost 4 years, I know what my schedule is like and how much time I can realistically volunteer, and the truth is, I think everyone has time to give back. It just needs to be a priority. Yes, you want to spend time with your friends and family; yes, you want to work out; yes, you want to be able to catch your favorite shows, but that still leaves time to give back.

The hardest part for me was finding an organization that I was really passionate about. I didn't want to volunteer just to, I wanted to do it because I truly cared about the cause. So far this year, I have been involved in two causes, RVA Earth Day, which benefits FeedMore, and the VCU Massey Challenge, which was a specific part of fundraising through the Monument 10k for the VCU Massey Cancer Center. While I enjoyed recruiting volunteers and helping out during the festival for Earth Day, the Massey Alliance is the committee that I want to continue to devote my time to. I like that it is a local organization but stands for a cause everyone can relate to- the fight against cancer. There are events throughout the year that Massey sponsors and needs volunteers for, so I will be doing that as the events come to fruition. I also volunteered at the Food Bank through the UVA Club of Richmond and am continuously looking for other opportunities through that group and through my school-based community (I helped out at an event this Saturday hosted at my old school for the Children's Hospital). It has been fun meeting new people through volunteering and learning more about the causes!

So this is what I am doing to become a little more than just the average joe going about my daily life. I think it is always good to give back and do more for yourself and your community if you are able.

What do you do to be more than "average?"
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