Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

As is easy to see from my sidebar, I read A LOT- blogs included. Most of these blogs are running, eating and health related because I love getting new ideas and being motivated by other health conscious people. It is also nice to hear about other peoples' day-to-day lives because I guess I am weird like that?! The normalcy of other people's life is very interesting to me! One of the things many blogs do on Wednesday's is a feature titled, "What I Ate Wednesday."Since I want to be like them, I figured I would do my version!


Breakfast- I have been super-sore lately from an indoor soccer game on Sunday evening, so I have been lacking on my morning runs. The positive in this is that I can hold off eating breakfast until 8 or 9 while at work, which is crucial when having to be at work starting at 7 am for 10 hours (the day is long and I get hungry). Yesterday, I had my standard weekday homemade iced coffee, Better Oats Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal with a mid-morning snack of almond butter and a banana.

Lunch- I am so kid-ish with my lunches. At 11:30 (I am always hungry early) I had a good ol' old school peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chex mix and some Trade Joe's dark chocolate. I have a hard time being creative with my lunches and always want something that is easy to pack.

Snack- Around 3, I had my normal food pangs again, so I had some organic baby carrots and a granola bar. I really like Cascadian Farms because of there only being 7 ingredients!

Dinner- I ate right when I get home (around 5:45) so the food could digest before I went on my evening walk. Last night, for the first time, I had an Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie, and it was pretty good! It did the trick!

Dessert: After my long walk (what a gorgeous night!) around 8 pm, I had a small ice cream cone :) I currently have Slow Churned Smores- not my favorite ice cream, but it will be gone soon anyways :)

So that was my eating yesterday! It was a pretty carb-heavy day, since I did not make my normal dinner of some sort of meat and vegetables, but it was a pretty standard day.

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