Friday, July 25, 2014

What a Wonderful World

Oh, you know. Whenever I get back from a trip I get mushy about how amazing traveling is and how it is the fuel for my soul and how everyone should travel as much as possible to all different kinds of places. The cultural, societal and geographical differences are so enriching. The languages, food, lifestyles, entertainment...there is so much variety just a short (or long) plane ride away!

Greece is beautiful. The islands are so gorgeous I know it will be rare that I find a place to rival the beauty. The crystal clear waters topped off by towns made of white & blue buildings on cliffs with tiny walkways to shops where you can see the ocean from every spot is hard to beat. I also loved the Plaka in Athens and how you can see the Acropolis from anywhere in the city. So many historical ruins! While Athens is small, the main areas are well-maintained and very cute. It felt a lot like Spain/Italy to me.

So I’ll stop talking and share some pictures with you of this beautiful, wonderful, inspirational world we live in.

Athens- July 12-14th

Mykonos- July 14-16th:

Santorini- July 16- 20th:

Athens- July 20th- (flying out the) 21st:

What a wonderful world:)
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