Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day in the Life

Hey there! As my students have been saying all day,' It's Tuesday?!'

I have not done a 'day in the life' post in a while, so I figured I would catch up. I love reading these from other people's blogs, so I figured I would give it a go for those very few that are interested on here:) This was my life yesterday...

6:05 Wake up! This entails getting dressed, feeding the cat and scooping the litter box.

6:30 Head to my friends' house to let their dog out before work.

6:40 Head to work.

7:00 Pull in and begin the day (which always involves a few cups of coffee first thing)!  I won't bore you with the details of work, but it involved some counseling and related duties :)

Wearing my new shirt from the Williamsburg Outlets this weekend! Thank you LOFT!

8:30 Make oatmeal.

11:00 Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich and pretzels (I eat lunch in stages).

12:30 Finish lunch with trail mix.

2:30 Kashi Granola bar as a snack.

3:00 Finish up with work and head back to my friend's house to let the dog out again.

3:40 Arrive home and change into workout gear. I also make my lunch right away so it is ready for the next day. Eat a snack (a LOT of trail mix...I have issues).

4:20 Go for a 4 mile run. It is a bit drizzly and humid, so not the best run.

5:00 Cool off and shower.

5:45 Friend comes over to pick up jewelry from a show I hosted the other week. We chat for a while.

6:30 Head to Ellwood Thompson's to meet friends for small dinner and catch up. I had a delicious spinach, orange, almond milk, almond butter and vanilla smoothie! Take awesome picture of a rainbow. This baby was a full one- coolest thing!

Nature is awesome!
8:00 Back home and change into my pajamas.

8:20 Read my book with "Gotham" on in the background. I eventually put the show on mute because the book was getting good! Have a snack of apple with caramel dip and some peanut butter. My appetite has been so odd the last few days...

9:00 Get into bed and watch Grey's Anatomy...I am at the end of season 3. It used to be so much better than it is now (though equally as crazy...they definitely fit too much into that season).

9:45 Lights out! Getting up at 5:30 to workout the next day:)

Woot woot! Exciting, huh? What was your Monday like?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do YOU (and lay off the scale)

This post may garner some negative comments (if anyone ever comments on my blog), but I have to get it off my chest.
To all of womankind: STOP IT.
STOP obsessing/worrying about EVERYTHING- what you weigh, how you look, finding a husband, how many kids you'll have, when you'll have kids, what job you should have, what people think of you, ect.
I am so sick of women doing all of this. It is draining and not fun to listen to and brings EVERYBODY down. If one woman is complaining, others think they should do the same or feel the same way. It's contagious. And frankly....
Who cares how you live your life but YOU. DO YOU. Do what makes YOU happy and fulfilled.
If dropping 10 pounds is gonna change your life- DO IT. If it's not and you're hungry all the time and cranky and depressed when it is hard and doesn't happen then DON'T. 
Get married if you find the right husband but stop worrying about everyone else and trying to KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES. No one cares if you get married/have kids/get divorced...BUT YOU (and maybe your mother...).
You need to do what makes YOU happy. So therefore, you need to figure out what DOES. Don't compare your life to anyone elses. Stop worrying about other people. Let them judge you- that speaks more negatively of them than of you. Why should what they think have any bearing on you and your happiness? It's the age old question: If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you, too? Be YOUR OWN PERSON.

STOP worrying. There are enough actual things to worry about in this life, and just think of what more we positively could do if we used the energy spent worrying, DOING.
And on another note...throw away your scales- no one ever has a good day after using one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Speaking of...Wednesday Randoms

I am having trouble forming coherent thoughts tonight, so you are getting a few little windows into my world/brain/don't judge me based on these.

- Forrest Gump is on TV right now, and I think so many great life lessons can be learned (some even counseling related) from it. For instance, don't give up on people, find joy in any situation, let go of your past, and you can quit your job for a year and just run and be famous...maybe this means my dream of being a full-time famous blogger can come true?

- I love fall. Being outside at dusk with the cool air, leaves changing, and smell of burning wood is one of life's pleasures. Along with boots. Those are fun, too.

- Speaking of fall, I am loving all the new TV shows coming out this week! Even though I don't watch much TV during the week, it is nice to wind down with some fresh shows. 19 Kids and Counting, anyone?!

- Running is great in the fall! I ran 5 miles after class on Tuesday and it was great! I am going to try to run one night after class each week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) so I don't have to get up before work on those days to run. I am enjoying sleeping in more in the mornings and my runs after work and after class have been great! Wellness plan is in check:)

- Speaking of wellness, I pretty much eat the same thing every week and do not get tired of it, which I feel is also odd. Breakfast: Oatmeal. Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly, pretzels and trail mix or yogurt. Snacks: Various granola/cereal items. Dinner: Organic pizza or a rice/pasta stir fry. I should probably eat more fruits and vegetables, but I just really like carbs and sweets. Gotta pick your battles. Life is short.

- I have been thinking a lot about the missing UVA student, Hannah Graham, since I went to UVA and know exactly where she was when everything happened. I am so thankful that my friends and I kept and eye out for one another, but I also know it was luck that things like that never happened to any of us because we were not perfect. Thinking of her and the UVA community and my own friends a lot this week. You just never know what can happen.

- Speaking of college, I really enjoy writing papers. Isn't that odd?! I was starting to write a paper today and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Even though I am no where near done, I felt so productive and it was so nice to use my brain in a different way than I do in the day-to-day at work. I will probably be eating my words later now that I said this though!

-  I am going to the beach this weekend! Since I was sick last week, I rescheduled my beach trip for this weekend. The weather is looking great, and I am excited to catch up with my friend and enjoy some last-minute sunshine on the beach!

- I have realized lately I don't take many pictures anymore. Guess not as many exciting things are going on?! Or maybe I am less self-absorbed...you can decide!

- Speaking of....life?...TGI...almost Thursday!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Goal for the Weekend

Since I had been under the weather this past week and had to run around more than usual due to meetings at work and school, I was in the mood for just about nothing this weekend. In fact, my goal was to get in my car as little as possible. I succeeded in only driving 12ish miles the whole weekend, and that was only to a birthday party and volunteering event (all in one trip). Sadly, though I didn't spend much on gas this weekend, I did get a $60 parking ticket, so that pretty much ruined any hope of mine to be thrifty for a few days. Damn you, City of Richmond! This is actual my first parking ticket EVER, so I am probably due. I street park all the time in the city since I live there, so I have gotten very lucky. I am tempted to not pay it since the ticket has my license plate incorrectly listed...so I feel like I COULD get away with it, but paying even more would really suck.

I felt good enough to get two runs in this weekend after taking the majority of the week off, and my appetite finally came back. I am really working on listening to what my body is craving rather than paying attention to what I feel like I should be eating (within reason, obviously). I find that I often pay attention to the clock and not necessarily to my stomach, so I am working on that. Especially with school and work, I need to be mindful of my body. This illness brought that all into perspective! I also have to say that this is the first week that I have really let myself sleep as long as I need to, and boy, it makes a huge difference! I have not gotten less than 9 and a half hours since Tuesday night, and I feel like a new person. I don't need coffee and just feel overall better. I think my happy place is 9 hours a night:) Let's see if I can make that happen more often!

Oh, and I had the most awkward encounter with someone trying to ask me out last night at Massey on the River (great event, by the way!), where I was volunteering. Note to all the single men and women out there: DO NOT, if you find a person attractive at an event, get an older friend of yours (aka someone who could be your mom), ask the girl if she would talk to you and then proceed to stand next to her WHILE SHE IS VOLUNTEERING for the entire night and try to make get-to-know-you small talk. That is not the way to someone's heart who clearly is feeling awkward and is just trying to do her job and talk to her own friends who are at the event. Just sayin'.

Final fun fact: I got fitted for whitening trays! I finally decided to treat myself to trays since I buy white strips at least every year and wanted a smarter investment. The dentist did my trays for $195 and the gel only costs $6 a kit. So in just a few years, I will be saving money from the normal $30-$40 white strips AND it gets ALL my teeth, instead of just the front:)

Showcasing white teeth, but also thinking of the UVA community this week! Love my AXO's :)

Ok, enough randomness from me! Have a great Sunday and week!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

In sickness and in health

I had my first bought of illness this week with a low-grade fever after my class on Tuesday. I crashed and slept for over 9 hours and dragged myself into work on Wednesday just because I had some practicum taping lined up and another class in the evening. PhD program- you are keeping me going when I otherwise may have taken a sick day! This obviously is not always a positive, but my fever was low grade and luckily counseling means sitting down:) Unfortunately by Wednesday night it had gone up and I was not feeling any better, so I decided to let myself sleep in today (Thursday) to see if I felt better (I slept 12 hours!). Long story short, I am ending up having to take a partial sick day on Thursday before crashing hard after work and sleeping another 10+ hours. Ekkkk! This whole situation brought up many thoughts for me....

I very rarely get sick. I have only taken one sick day for ACTUAL sickness since I began working as a counselor (this is not counting my internship experience where I got the stomach flu TWICE in three months- thank you elementary school students. It is even harder to let yourself take time off when you have 600 hours to complete!). It is very funny/odd/concerning that we do not like to take days when we probably need to the most and instead save them for planned appointments or trips (I hate how in my county they distinguish between sick and annual days...just let us have PTO! It discriminates against those of us without kids!). Especially now also as a student, that feeling of always thinking you should be doing something is daunting. I am guilty of this, and since I rarely get sick I should really take notice when I do, but the fast-paced lives we lead often make a day of rest (unless planned!) difficult to take. Luckily I was able to make it through work Friday, and enjoyed another long night of sleep Friday night. Though I didn't get to go out of town this weekend like I had planned, I am glad to be resting and getting back to my normal self (and runs in this beautiful weather) today. I really hate how out of it you feel when you are battling an illness. I feel like I was in a fog much of the week, off at work, and slept so much that I don't know what happened! Luckily, my lovely friend is letting me visit her next weekend instead:)

Do you all take sick days when you actually are sick?! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall-ing into Columbus

We are officially well into fall semester, because not only have classes and school begun, but so has FOOTBALL! And let's be honest, the best part about football is the tailgating and afternoons spent outdoors!

This past weekend I traveled to Columbus for the Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech game. My friend Jessica went with me, and the drive through the mountains of West Virginia was not bad at all with a good friend, a fast car, and lots of One Direction. We made it in about 7 hours both ways, whereas growing up it always took my family and I closer to 8! I promise we didn't speed THAT much...


We like being friends with people from the opposing team.

Nothing like Dairy Queen liquor smoothies from a neighbor tailgater!

Go Bucks!
I am happy to say that I have made Jessica another Columbus convert! She LOVED the city, and it was pretty cool to be part of a record crowd in the 'Shoe of 107,000 people.

Despite the sad game, the weekend was a great success and the temperatures (albeit hot and humid in the morning) ended up being perfect for the later afternoon and game. It was fun to stay close to the campus and drive around my old stomping grounds! I tell ya, it would be very fun to live back in Columbus some day. Perhaps OSU will need a professor in about 4 years?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Republic Wireless

I am no longer living in caveman times...I have a smart phone.

As I said on my instagram, this is a sad/epic development because I really still DO NOT LIKE the idea of smartphones, but I found a plan that is actually cheaper than my Verizon plan and it includes a smartphone, so I have to go with my frugal living and cave in.

For those of you who don't know, Republic Wireless is a newer company where you do not have a contract and must buy your phone (either a Motorola G or X) but you have the option between four plans- $5 for unlimited talk and text over wifi, $10 for unlimited talk/text & cell service and data over wifi, $25 for 3G's of data and wifi everywhere, and the $40 plan for 4G's. I found this information over Mr. Money Mustache and my friend Meredith tried it first and loved it, so I decided to follow suit!

On my Verizon plan, it was $115 per month for just the phone with no data or smartphone capabilities (for the three people on the plan), while this plan will only be $30/month for three people. The BEST PART about this, though, is that each person can change their plan two times per month. So let's say I am going on a trip and I want data access everywhere, I can up my plan to the $25 one for a few days, and then drop it back down when I come home and only pay per-diem for when I am on the higher plan. Perfect! 

This is my new phone- Motorola G

This is my old phone that I have had since January 2011...sad to say goodbye.

I still don't believe in paying for internet when I can access wifi most everywhere, so I like the $10 plan and having all the phone/computer capabilities of a smartphone. I will not let this get in the way of my socializing and I still don't like having access to all that information in the place of interactions with people/living, so I will try to use this as basically as possible. For now, though I am a little more legitimate in the 21st century!