Monday, September 29, 2014

Do YOU (and lay off the scale)

This post may garner some negative comments (if anyone ever comments on my blog), but I have to get it off my chest.
To all of womankind: STOP IT.
STOP obsessing/worrying about EVERYTHING- what you weigh, how you look, finding a husband, how many kids you'll have, when you'll have kids, what job you should have, what people think of you, ect.
I am so sick of women doing all of this. It is draining and not fun to listen to and brings EVERYBODY down. If one woman is complaining, others think they should do the same or feel the same way. It's contagious. And frankly....
Who cares how you live your life but YOU. DO YOU. Do what makes YOU happy and fulfilled.
If dropping 10 pounds is gonna change your life- DO IT. If it's not and you're hungry all the time and cranky and depressed when it is hard and doesn't happen then DON'T. 
Get married if you find the right husband but stop worrying about everyone else and trying to KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES. No one cares if you get married/have kids/get divorced...BUT YOU (and maybe your mother...).
You need to do what makes YOU happy. So therefore, you need to figure out what DOES. Don't compare your life to anyone elses. Stop worrying about other people. Let them judge you- that speaks more negatively of them than of you. Why should what they think have any bearing on you and your happiness? It's the age old question: If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you, too? Be YOUR OWN PERSON.

STOP worrying. There are enough actual things to worry about in this life, and just think of what more we positively could do if we used the energy spent worrying, DOING.
And on another note...throw away your scales- no one ever has a good day after using one.
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