Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall-ing into Columbus

We are officially well into fall semester, because not only have classes and school begun, but so has FOOTBALL! And let's be honest, the best part about football is the tailgating and afternoons spent outdoors!

This past weekend I traveled to Columbus for the Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech game. My friend Jessica went with me, and the drive through the mountains of West Virginia was not bad at all with a good friend, a fast car, and lots of One Direction. We made it in about 7 hours both ways, whereas growing up it always took my family and I closer to 8! I promise we didn't speed THAT much...


We like being friends with people from the opposing team.

Nothing like Dairy Queen liquor smoothies from a neighbor tailgater!

Go Bucks!
I am happy to say that I have made Jessica another Columbus convert! She LOVED the city, and it was pretty cool to be part of a record crowd in the 'Shoe of 107,000 people.

Despite the sad game, the weekend was a great success and the temperatures (albeit hot and humid in the morning) ended up being perfect for the later afternoon and game. It was fun to stay close to the campus and drive around my old stomping grounds! I tell ya, it would be very fun to live back in Columbus some day. Perhaps OSU will need a professor in about 4 years?!

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