Sunday, September 21, 2014

Goal for the Weekend

Since I had been under the weather this past week and had to run around more than usual due to meetings at work and school, I was in the mood for just about nothing this weekend. In fact, my goal was to get in my car as little as possible. I succeeded in only driving 12ish miles the whole weekend, and that was only to a birthday party and volunteering event (all in one trip). Sadly, though I didn't spend much on gas this weekend, I did get a $60 parking ticket, so that pretty much ruined any hope of mine to be thrifty for a few days. Damn you, City of Richmond! This is actual my first parking ticket EVER, so I am probably due. I street park all the time in the city since I live there, so I have gotten very lucky. I am tempted to not pay it since the ticket has my license plate incorrectly I feel like I COULD get away with it, but paying even more would really suck.

I felt good enough to get two runs in this weekend after taking the majority of the week off, and my appetite finally came back. I am really working on listening to what my body is craving rather than paying attention to what I feel like I should be eating (within reason, obviously). I find that I often pay attention to the clock and not necessarily to my stomach, so I am working on that. Especially with school and work, I need to be mindful of my body. This illness brought that all into perspective! I also have to say that this is the first week that I have really let myself sleep as long as I need to, and boy, it makes a huge difference! I have not gotten less than 9 and a half hours since Tuesday night, and I feel like a new person. I don't need coffee and just feel overall better. I think my happy place is 9 hours a night:) Let's see if I can make that happen more often!

Oh, and I had the most awkward encounter with someone trying to ask me out last night at Massey on the River (great event, by the way!), where I was volunteering. Note to all the single men and women out there: DO NOT, if you find a person attractive at an event, get an older friend of yours (aka someone who could be your mom), ask the girl if she would talk to you and then proceed to stand next to her WHILE SHE IS VOLUNTEERING for the entire night and try to make get-to-know-you small talk. That is not the way to someone's heart who clearly is feeling awkward and is just trying to do her job and talk to her own friends who are at the event. Just sayin'.

Final fun fact: I got fitted for whitening trays! I finally decided to treat myself to trays since I buy white strips at least every year and wanted a smarter investment. The dentist did my trays for $195 and the gel only costs $6 a kit. So in just a few years, I will be saving money from the normal $30-$40 white strips AND it gets ALL my teeth, instead of just the front:)

Showcasing white teeth, but also thinking of the UVA community this week! Love my AXO's :)

Ok, enough randomness from me! Have a great Sunday and week!
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