Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Republic Wireless

I am no longer living in caveman times...I have a smart phone.

As I said on my instagram, this is a sad/epic development because I really still DO NOT LIKE the idea of smartphones, but I found a plan that is actually cheaper than my Verizon plan and it includes a smartphone, so I have to go with my frugal living and cave in.

For those of you who don't know, Republic Wireless is a newer company where you do not have a contract and must buy your phone (either a Motorola G or X) but you have the option between four plans- $5 for unlimited talk and text over wifi, $10 for unlimited talk/text & cell service and data over wifi, $25 for 3G's of data and wifi everywhere, and the $40 plan for 4G's. I found this information over Mr. Money Mustache and my friend Meredith tried it first and loved it, so I decided to follow suit!

On my Verizon plan, it was $115 per month for just the phone with no data or smartphone capabilities (for the three people on the plan), while this plan will only be $30/month for three people. The BEST PART about this, though, is that each person can change their plan two times per month. So let's say I am going on a trip and I want data access everywhere, I can up my plan to the $25 one for a few days, and then drop it back down when I come home and only pay per-diem for when I am on the higher plan. Perfect! 

This is my new phone- Motorola G

This is my old phone that I have had since January 2011...sad to say goodbye.

I still don't believe in paying for internet when I can access wifi most everywhere, so I like the $10 plan and having all the phone/computer capabilities of a smartphone. I will not let this get in the way of my socializing and I still don't like having access to all that information in the place of interactions with people/living, so I will try to use this as basically as possible. For now, though I am a little more legitimate in the 21st century!
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