Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cancer Hater

Happy Weekend!

For those of you who do not know, I got involved with the Massey Challenge at the very beginning of this year due to a high school classmate's great blog, Still Easier Than Chemo. I raised money on behalf of her team for my run in the Monument 10k last spring, but since then I have become even more involved. 

More than just attending events, now I am on the events committee for Massey to help raise money and plan fundraisers for the organization. This has been a great and rewarding way to get involved in an organization that is a big part of my community and goes to a cause I believe worthy of my time (and yours)! There are many great people involved on the volunteering side, and it has been fun to see a different side of Richmond and the people that support Massey.

In addition to my work behind the scenes, I also joined the same team again for this years Monument 10k, and I need your help! Cancer affects EVERYONE, so what better cause to give some of your time or money to? If everyone who reads this donated $5-10, I would easily surpass my $1,000 goal. I may even do something crazy if I get to my goal....I am not going to shave my head or anything, but I can definitely do something. Maybe run the 10K in a crazy outfit. I will think about it and feel free to share your ideas:)

Pass this information along to your friends and join or donate to my team! Let's put cancer on the run! And for those of you in Richmond, be sure to check out some of Massey's events this month on their facebook page. More details about the event I lined up in November coming soon:)

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