Friday, October 17, 2014


Hey there!

I arrived in NYC just a little bit ago. I am here for a friend's wedding. I have known Miss Emily since 9th grade and we went to UVA together! I remember many a snow days where I camped out at her house and the great parties she had. She has awesome parents, too! I am excited to be celebrating this special occasion with her! I am staying at my friend's apartment who live only a few blocks from the wedding in Manhattan, but sadly her and her fiance have to go out of town for the weekend so it is just me and the cat :)! What else is new, huh?

Ems and I during college:)
I took the train up from Richmond, which is an easy 6 hour ride. I even got to do some school work and met a great group who were also heading up for another wedding. It was an enjoyable trip! I love the amount of room you have on trains :) I also love how I can walk to where I am staying from the train station. My goal whenever I go to NYC is to walk everywhere, because you see so much that way!

Productive traveling!
I will be exploring the city on my own this evening and am meeting up with my friend Sarah and her husband tomorrow! Have a great start to your weekend. I'm off to explore:)
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