Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Workouts (10/6-10/12)

Traveling impacted my runs a little bit this week, but I was still able to get a good amount of exercise in. I think it is very important for me to stay with a routine even when I travel because I don't typically eat well, so it keeps me a least halfway healthy and gives me energy:). Running is also a great way to explore a new city.

Monday: 4 mile run after work (and before book club) + abs

Tuesday: 40 minute elliptical before work + arm/leg strength training

Wednesday: 3.2 mile run before work + abs

Thursday: OFF (travel day- but I walked over 20,000 steps through the city!)

Friday: 3.1 mile run before the conference sessions

Saturday: 37 minutes cross trainer + weights (arms/legs)

Sunday:  4.2 mile run + abs

It was an ok week; nothing to write home about, but as I have said, I am enjoying having exercise be a part of my daily life without worrying about getting in certain amounts of miles (if you notice, I usually only work out for 30-45 minutes a day). Leaves time/energy/planning for other things! This week will also be a little different due to work obligations in the evenings and a wedding this weekend in NYC, but I think I have food prepped enough and scheduled my days so I should be able to fit everything in!

Have a great week! Enjoy the fall weather and foliage:)! 
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