Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekly Workouts (9/29-10/5)

Hey there!

I hope your weekend went well. Mine was good- nothing crazy but a good mix of events and relaxing. I had great fun with friends & family Friday night watching my dad's band play at Conch Republic on the James River at Rockett's Landing (such a cool part of Richmond)! I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning of cleaning, running and grocery shopping and then spent the rest of the day catching "Gone Girl" and watching the UVA vs. Pitt game with friends. Both were great! Today I cleaned some more, food-prepped for my short week (I am trying to eat more salads for lunch this week...I need to get out of my childish lunches of PB&J, pretzels and trail mix), ran, and went into work for an open house event. Our new building had its ribbon cutting ceremony, so I just had to be there to answer questions. Then I went to my parent's house to clean out my car (I HATE when crap is all over the floor) and have dinner. My mom is out of town so it was my dad and I vending for ourselves.

Anyways, here is my weekly recap of my exercising. It was a pretty typical week besides having to sneak in some morning exercising due to my schedule- I am still enjoying my evening runs!

Monday: 4 mile run after work + abs

Tuesday: 40 minute elliptical before work + arm/leg strength training

Wednesday: 35 minute elliptical before work + 3.5 mile run after class + abs

Thursday: 2 mile walk at lunch + 3.5 mile run after work + arm/leg strength training

Friday: off (walked about 2 miles around Rockett's Landing before my dad's gig as I was phone-chatting with a friend)

Saturday: 4.1 mile run + abs

Sunday: 4 mile run + arms/leg strength training

I head to Alabama this Thursday morning for a conference (yay doctoral life!), so this week will be a little different in terms of workouts. I hope to get in some runs in the cooler temps at the beginning of the week and to explore a new city at the end of the week. Have a great start to your week!
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