Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/24-11/30) & Cincy Turkey Trot

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed my time in Ohio with family and away from blogs and social media! It makes me want to step back a little on my blog reading and social media is great to be lived :)

This was my last week before marathon training begins (and included my first race since May)! I enjoyed all my runs and loved running in new areas in Ohio and with my brother(s).

Monday: 40 minute elliptical (abs)

Tuesday: 4.05 miles @ 9:52 before work (weights)

Wednesday: Off (travel day!)

Thursday: 6.2 miles @ 8:56 (Cincinnati Turkey Trot 10k) (abs)

This was a freezing race (upper 20's, windy and cloudy). We had to wait by the stadium for about 30 minutes in the cold for the start. That really sucked. Once the race started (over 17,000 people took a while to get going!) I felt fine, and it was a GREAT route, albeit hilly, and the whole family had fun. This also went across a bunch of bridges, which caused some of the hills (and we even went into Kentucky)!-> that was the first time I have crossed state lines during.This was a much different Turkey Trot than the small race I am used to, but was a great way to explore a city I don't know much about. It was super crowded, and I had to dodge walkers for the first two miles, so my time wasn't a PR, but not too shabby, either! Definitely earned my turkey this year!

Running up a hill on Vine Street at the start.

City in the distance.

Final time (per my watch).

First time seeing the Bengals stadium!

Warming up and all smiles back at the hotel after the race.

Friday: 3.1 miles @ 9:17 (arms)-> SORE today. Nice Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Saturday: 7 miles @ 9:11 (ran through OSU with the tailgaters for their big game vs. Michigan with my brother) (abs)

Sunday: 2.15 mile walk before car ride back from Columbus!

I felt pretty sore after the race on Thursday, but I do feel strong and am excited to start increasing my mileage! Have a great week easing back from the lovely break :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Travels

I am excited for the two day work week! Can every week be like this?

I started off my day early with a 4.05 mile run. It is warm and humid in Virginia today, so it was a little odd adapting to the temperatures when it has been so cold lately. I do not miss humidity in my runs, that's for sure. I don't love being cold, but once I warm up I do so much better in those temperatures. Even though marathon training officially starts next week, I am using this week as a prep for the schedule of running/cross train days. I think it will work out well!

Due to the snow forecasted for the east coast, our travel plans have slightly changed. Instead of leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning, we are beginning our drive this evening. Hopefully we will make it to Charleston, West Virginia, which would set us up to be out of the storm tomorrow. Driving in the mountains in the snow is not fun. I am bummed I have to miss class tonight, but life happens. I don't think I will be penalized, but missing class in a PhD program when they're only three of you makes it harder. I can't just pretend I'm not there! We also are catching up on material I hate to miss.

So this is starting the whole trip off on a sour note, but all should be good once we get there. We will be gone until Sunday, so it'll be a long time but a nice break from work and day-to-day life! It will also be nice to see my brothers and extended family (grandmom, aunts/uncles and cousins from both sides). I think the race on Thursday morning will be cold (maybe some flurries!) but fun to run.

Oh, and I decorated on Sunday! I figured I had an excuse to pull out the Christmas stuff early, since I will be out of town the rest of the week! I put up a tree, some wall hangings, tinsel, and candles/bowls for the tables (speaking of bowls...HA!)

Grandmom's pillow

Small tree for the single, condo-living gal :)

Old boy snuggling on a pre-Thanksgiving Sunday.

Safe travels for all your plans! I will be back with an update on Friday (hopefully) to talk about my race!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/17- 11/23)

Pumped up for my upcoming marathon training season, so I got in some longer runs this week! I am going to start incorporating my pace times, too. Just for fun:) I still can never seem to skip a whole day of exercise- I just hate sitting, but I did ok with cross training this week.

Monday: 40 minute elliptical (weights) -> Started using weight machines instead of body weight

Tuesday: 4.35 miles @ 9:11 before work (abs)

Wednesday: 35 minute elliptical before work (weights)

Thursday: 7 miles @ 9:08 at sunset (abs) -> This run felt AWESOME!

Friday: 2 mile walk at work (arms/legs)

Saturday: 7.1 miles @ 9:24 (abs)

Sunday: 4 miles @ 9:28 (arms/legs)

Excited for my Thanksgiving Day Race (it might be snowing in Cincinnati)! No time goals, just hoping to enjoy the sites and running with my brothers.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


A lot can change in just a few days!

Whereas a week ago I was gearing up to watch the Richmond Marathon, thinking there was NO WAY I would run one myself...this week I am so motivated by watching the race and talking with my friends who ran that...


Now that it feels like winter, and I have more of a handle on my doctoral classes, I know that I have time to do the training. I am also a fan of winter running. Despite my HATRED of being cold, I like running in the cold (yes, I'm weird). I think this is because I hate to sweat and have a hard time breathing in the heat- cold weather does not hurt my lungs and picks up my pace! The past few weeks of cold, cold, COLD weather for November in Virginia have been great! I also have trained in the winter for the Shamrock Half Marathon for the past two years, so I know how it will work. My runs will just be a little longer on Saturdays (though I got up to 14 last winter for the half), and I will need to incorporate one semi-long run during the week. My goal is to run four days a week and crosstrain another, with two full days off each week.

I have a tentative training plan set up, but I am open to suggestions! Luckily, there is a training group very near my house (at a very reasonable price), so I will meet up with them for my long runs on Saturdays. I will have a solid 16 weeks to train (give or take potential inclement weather affecting some days). I plan to run Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week. That will work out with my spring class schedule (I have class Wednesday and Thursday nights) AND only requires me to do one morning run before work during the week :) It will feel weird sleeping in a little more, because now I get up early probably 2-3 days a week!

I may be crazy, but I honestly feel like there is no better time to do it. I have my training motivation back (after taking about 8 months off from racing) and am excited for the experience. I have no time goals and just want to finish (cross that off the bucket list!). I also will be able to stay at a hotel right next to the start and finish line, so I don't have to worry about race day parking and can get help mid-race if needed (not that I am planning on that). That's awesome!

Wish me luck- running has done such tremendous things for my body/mind/spirit, and I am excited to learn more about myself through this training :)

Who else is winter training for a marathon or big race?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/9- 11/15) & No Gluten for 15

Didn't do well on my goal to get more rest days...that will begin THIS week, I promise! I did begin using the weight machine at my complex's gym this week, though, so I got good arm/chest workouts. I will keep up with this!

Monday: 40 minutes elliptical + 2 mile walk at work (weights)

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run (abs)

Wednesday: 3.15 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (weights)

Thursday: 3.2 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (abs)

Friday: 50 minute elliptical (weights)

Saturday: 3.5 mile run and watching the marathon!!! (abs)

Sunday: 6.2 mile run

I had SOOOO much fun watching the Richmond Marathon on Saturday! I stationed myself at miles 5 and 18.5. I may have gotten the bug...:)

I also registered for the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race for Thanksgiving morning since we will be in Ohio visiting family for the holiday! Both my brothers will be running it with me. Should be fun and the first race I have done since May! It will be very cold, though...hopefully no snow:) It will be a nice way to spend Thanksgiving, though, since we will be in a hotel for the first time EVER over the holiday.

And...I am officially 15 days into no gluten! It's been easy and I feel great. Bloating is gone and my energy seems more stable. No huge notices on the skin front, but I am enjoying simply feeling better. It has also been very easy and I have not felt deprived at all. I have been eating much more REAL food. It is amazing how easy it is. Just requires a little bit of planning and understanding from friends (sometimes if going out to eat with a group, I eat ahead of time if the menu looks limiting...but I still have drinks)! And it's a nice way to save some money:)

Have a great week!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Walking @ Work

I am very fortunate that I am able to take "wellness time" at work now. Our students leave when I have about 2 hours left at work, so I save my lunch break for a walk in the neighborhood behind my school.

You can see the clearing field ahead that leads to my school!

I have recruited a few people to walk with me, so most days I have people to chat with. We aim to get out three days a week if possible. Sometimes meetings get in the way.

Paths through the woods!

The neighborhood has great paths and goes along a reservoir, so we have lots of options! We also can walk on the streets. It makes for differing routes most everyday. We try to stay out for 2 miles. It has been great in getting me out of my desk and sitting. I feel so much better getting in the quick walk, and I don't feel pressured to do other activity in the evenings when I am busy. This walk coupled with morning workouts has been great at splitting up my fitness!

Do you get to walk or workout at work?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Days, Dark Nights

I would say "Happy Hump Day," but I have felt like it is Thursday all day, so there is nothing happy about that!

Now that the time has changed and it gets dark early (which I am not complaining about because I appreciate the sun shinning earlier in the morning), I feel like days go by quickly. However, I feel like I do a lot less! I typically do not do much in the evenings, especially the nights I have class until about 7 PM, but even on days when I don't, I am finding low motivation to do things. It's not that I don't want to, but I get lazy and don't reach out to other people. I also feel like I have spent a lot of money lately with travel and random things I have bought myself, so doing things would be an added expense. That coupled with the darkness coupled with me not knowing what any of my friends are doing, leaves the evenings long and uneventful. Blah.

I have been running in the mornings again simply because I like getting the run out of the way, so that frees up my evenings, too. I don't run great in the afternoons before dinner, and now that it gets dark early there is no light after I eat, so running in the morning vs the evening is all darkness. I can access my complex's gym in the evening to catch up on shows, so I sometimes do that or I just watch TV. Though, my TV watching is less than usual because I am not in to many shows right now and find myself just wanting to go to bed at 9 PM :) !

Where am I going with all this? No where really...just that this is a transition time of year, and I am hoping my social life can pick up during the week and not just exist on the weekends! I have isolated myself a bit with being back in school in terms of reaching out to friends, but the truth is that everyone is busy or low-key in the evenings. Spring and summer are definitely better for social gatherings after work- even front porch sitting :)

I am working on new "traditions" to start with friends! I have book club once a month and I volunteer once or twice a month, but what other fun events can I incorporate into my day? Any ideas?

Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Year Monacan High School Reunion

My high school class had it's 10 year reunion Saturday night at Triple Crossing Brewery (which a classmate of ours co-owns)! I prepped for this event by digging out my senior scrapbook on Friday night...

Senior Parties

Show Choir 2004...

In 2014... I think we aged well!
More senior events with my closest friends.

Senior Day at school- I think we had an awards ceremony this day.
I love this note... :) P.S. My handwriting still looks exactly this way.

Center Stage (show choir) senior year- we were very good that year! 
Senior Pic in Maymont!
I think we look pretty good for 10 years!
The reunion was fun and went by very fast. It was hard to chat with everyone and there were certain people I didn't see until the end when we had to leave (and lots of people I didn't recognize)! We had the brewery from 8-11 PM, and I was with the last group to leave at 12:30 AM (I am sure the workers were annoyed)! Everyone is doing great and was so nice. It was interesting to hear people's opinions of me after 10 just makes you realize how so much of what you worry about in high school are things no one thinks/cares/notices about you (or they think the opposite of what you would expect). I like to think I was pretty much friends or friendly with everyone- I was always in the accelerated/honors classes, but I had popular friends (surprisingly a lot of the popular students in my grade were good students) and friends who weren't, and I hope people think I was nice. That is what is most important to me. You can read about my views on high school here.

 It was refreshing to reminisce with everyone- they are all just the same! I wish we had a daytime event as well, but we can always do that at the next one. Now with facebook and social media, it is easy to keep in touch so reunions are probably less structured than they used to be. But it was great to see those who came, especially those I don't see on a regular basis (I keep in touch with a handful from high school and run into more occasionally from living in the same city). I think the next one will be even better! 

I am glad I reconnected with old friends that I grew up with (many since elementary/middle school- such an interesting time of life...definitely links you to people in different ways) but am happy that I am no longer in high school and am living the life I am today with my amazing friends, recent and old!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/3-11/9)

Somehow I ended up with no rest days this week...I don't quite know how that happened (probably because I can't ever sit still all day), but I am really going to work on giving my body more rest. Even though though my mileage isn't high, I still know that rest is important!

Monday: 4.2 mile run (abs)

Tuesday: 4 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (arms/legs)

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (abs)

Thursday: 35 min elliptical (arms/legs)

Friday: 35 min elliptical + 2 mile walk at work (weights)

Saturday: 4 mile run (abs)

Sunday: 5 mile run

I am excited to watch the marathon in  Richmond next weekend! I am sad to not be doing the half, but I hate that they are both at the same time so if you do one you can't watch the other. I will enjoy the "view" this year and may even join in when I see friend's struggling:)

Are you bad at giving yourself rest days?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gluten-Free Week 1

Today marks a full 7 days since I started my gluten-free experiment!

It has been a VERY easy week in terms of eating and planning. I can't eat random things at work or out at events anymore, but that is for the best anyways since I have a hard time stopping eating the good stuff when I am in social situation. The fact that I can't eat gluten makes saying no very easy. I went to an event at a friend's house last night and stuck to stuff I knew was gluten-free, like puppy chow, apple caramel dip, and cheese dip (and then I found out she is gluten-free so that made more options available than usual)!

This week for breakfasts I ate with gluten-free waffles with cashew butter, an egg and an apple. Lunches were sweet potato/quinoa/bean chips, nuts, and overnight gluten-free oats with greek yogurt and honey. I had carrots/hummus, kind bars and gluten-free cereal for snacks. My dinners were mostly veggies and meat, and I have been loving on my dark chocolate bars for desserts.

My stomach has felt pretty good all week! I was not any more or less tired (probably because I kept my carbs stable), but I felt much less bloated. I dropped weight slightly (a little over a pound) without any other major changes in my lifestyle, I feel that is an accurate reflection on the gluten being out of my system. My stomach issues improved but still have some room to go. I didn't worry as much about food touching food with gluten, but I will begin to eliminate those as well. I also made the mistake of having a HUGE cup of coffee at about 6 PM on Friday night, which put my body out of sync for the evening and Saturday morning. Oops! I was really tired, though, and it definitely took care of that!

For the next week I will take notice of any skin or energy level changes. In terms of spending, I am spending a little more only because I am substituting bread for gluten-free bread-like products, which are expensive, and I hope to wean off those as I get more accustomed to the diet. I did make the best breakfast this morning though- sweet potato hash with cinnamon with runny eggs on top...SO GOOD. Much better than eggs on toast:)

Tonight I am heading to my high school reunion at a brewery, and I plan to have wine in my purse:)! Good thing I don't like beer anyways.

Are any of you gluten-free? Any tips for me?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Day in the Life 11/6/14

I think these are fun to read, so I am trying to do them more! Here is what my life was like yesterday. Brace yourself, it is thrilling!

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off. UGH. I take 3 minutes to convince myself to get up:(.

5:45 AM: Head to my condo complex's gym, Get excited about new equipment (FINALLY)!

5:47 AM: Watch this week's episode of "New Girl" while I am on the elliptical (it's so nice!!!)

6:20 AM: Head back to my place to shower and get ready for work.

6:40 AM: Leave for work.

7:00 AM: Arrive at work and begin the day. I loved my outfit (I will brace you the details of work, but it involved meetings, some counseling, and some computer/grading issues).

8:00 AM: Have breakfast (gluten-free waffle with cashew butter) and coffee!!!

11:30 AM: Eat lunch at my desk (I do this so I can walk later).

1:15 PM: Go on a walk with a coworker who works in the central office part of my building. We walk on a path that goes to a reservoir behind our building.

1:45 PM: Return to my office and finish up.

My new table outside my office! 

3:00 PM: Leave!

3:25 PM: Arrive home and put things away/get organized.

4:00 PM: Head to VCU to guest lecture in a graduate class on career counseling tools.

5:45 PM: Finish up the presentation and head to MCV (the medical campus of VCU). Call my friend, Ernie, who left me a message, and we chat about "Book of Mormon," which is in Richmond this week. Get mad at myself for not getting tickets/being able to see it.

6:00 PM: Arrive at MCV for Massey Challenge (the organization I volunteer for) meeting.

7:30 PM: Meeting ends and head the rain! Stop on the way to pick up clothes my friend left for me at her place.

8:00 PM: Try on those clothes to decide what to wear to my high school reunion this weekend. Send selfies to friends to help me decide what to wear.

Good with boots?

8:15 PM: Pack lunch for tomorrow, wash up, and get in pajamas. Realize I never fed my cat (whoops)! Feed him and tell him I love him. Put on Bones. Do some push ups and tricep dips.

9:00 PM: Get in bed and watch Bones again on DVD- hey, it was an episode from 6 years ago so I was different.

9:50 PM: Lights out!

That was a pretty busy day with little down time, but now that I take evening classes some days can get crazy busy! As much as I hate getting up in the 5 o'clock hour, I do love knowing on busy days that my workout is done. Glad it is Friday today!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

She asks, I answer!

I got nominated a a few weeks ago for the Liebster Award from my friend Karen and am just getting around to posting! I guess I go through blog cycles like everyone else does, right? Even though my blog is not new by any means, I appreciate the shout out!

She asks- I answer! :)

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

  • This is a hard question. I would say a big accomplishment for me has been living life by my own accord and not getting bogged down by society's expectations of me. I am single (with no immediate plans not to be), living on my own (in a condo I own), and am pursuing my career aspirations. I have grown very comfortable in my own skin and feel much less pressure to "be like every body else" which I did when I was in my teens and early and mid- twenties. Age is the greatest gift for wisdom! I do what I want when I want and try to incorporate wellness into all aspects of my life. I am not perfect by any means, but I am proud of the contentment I feel at this point in my life, because for a long time it was not there.

What is your favorite way to treat or pamper yourself?
  • A very rare mani or pedi! I typically only get them once or twice in the summer, but I love the feeling of clean and prepped feet! I also love a coffee treat from Starbucks now and then, especially with the holiday season around the corner!
Do you have a favorite place you've traveled to?
  • Italy and Spain! I love, love, love them and want to live in either of them. I actually love all of Europe. Santorini is the most beautiful place I have ever been to, but my heart lies in European cities. Great food, history, architecture, transportation and fun!

Favorite season?

  • Fall:) Cooler temps after the heat of summer, leaves changing colors, the smell of firewood burning, comfy clothes, football games and the holidays!
Do you have furry kids? If so, how many and what kind?

  • My two kitties- Milo and Romo. Milo is 15 and has diabetes, so he lives with his grandparents, who give him shots two times a day (that is harder for me to do time-wise). Tony Romo is 5 and lives with me. He loves licking my feet, drinking out of the toilet and snuggling. He is very needy in terms of affection and follows me everywhere!

Favorite childhood memory?

  • Simply the neighborhood I lived in in Ohio- Colonial Hills. We could walk to school, everyone knew everyone else, there were great neighborhood events and block parties, and it always felt safe. I loved my neighborhood in Virginia, too, but it wasn't the same!
Favorite sport/sports team?

  • I am not a huge fan of any team currently due to always being disappointed, but I do like watching games! I root for the Wahoos and Buckeyes on the most regular basis and definitely VCU for basketball!

Do you play a sport? 

  • I swam and played soccer growing up (from about age 6-18 for each!) and now I play adult recreational sports (kickball, soccer and wiffleball). Running is #1 for me, though!
How long have you been running? 

  • I dabbled in running in college (due to my many running friends) but mainly stayed on the elliptical. I got into running in 2009 when I was in grad school simply to see what all the fuss was about and to change up my workouts. I started off VERY slowly, where I only ran once or twice a week and had to walk a lot, but I gradually built it up. The Monument 10k in 2010 was my big break- I registered as a walker with my mom and got so caught up in the excitement of the race that I ended up running for miles 2-6.2. (I even blogged about it here). After the post-race high...I was hooked :) I have registered for races consistently since then including many 5, 8 and 10ks, and my first half marathon in 2013. I think I am pretty hooked, even though I am not currently in "race mode."

What is your “last day on earth” meal?

  • Oh gosh, probably something involving chocolate, peanut butter, cookies and ice cream! Definitely a sweet meal over savory:) I do love a good pizza or Chinese meal, too!

Thanks for reading! What are your answers to some of these questions?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Guide to Surviving (Un)Professional Development Days

This post is courtesy of my friend, colleague and condo neighbor who has great ability to put into words what we all are thinking during professional development days! Check out her blog here! I am bugging her to post more...
In college, I was “that girl.” The girl in the back of the classroom that whispered, wrote notes, and doodles, all while absorbing the important messages being professed to me. And now…I’m still “that girl.” Just in the work environment. A day out of the office is always fun, but learning about workplace etiquette, sexual harassment, or the latest development of tiers to success is typically less than riveting.
Important things to remember on professional development days:
Be cognizant of the presenter’s tendencies at all times, so that you are aware when he/she is looking in your area. That way you can smile, and nod your head as necessary- to make it seem like you are attentive and on point.
If the weather permits, try to wear a turtleneck sweater to hide any unwanted facial expressions that might occur.
Bring your ipad to give the impression that you are taking notes when in reality you are pricing out flights to Aruba.
Bring at least 3 different colored pens.  When the purple gets boring, switch to red. And when red gets boring, switch to blue.  Repeat.
Collect pamphlets, brochures, and business cards at the conclusion of the presentation to make you seem more interested in the topic at hand.
Things to avoid:
Number one mistake- sit next to someone that you KNOW will make you laugh uncontrollably.
Coming up with games or competitions. For example- when does the phrase “Bye Felicia” fit best during the presentation. This always starts out fun, and ends horribly. You find yourself laughing- the kind of laugh where you can’t breathe- while the presenter is talking about the rate of depression among LBGTQ youth.
Determining the accurate doppelganger for the presenter.  Most often it isn’t someone charming or attractive but rather an odd character from a movie or someone’s past and this will only precipitate abstract thoughts that lead to laughter.
Passing notes/drawing pictures for the person two seats down. This tends to have detrimental effects including, but not limited to making them crack up- out loud- and feeling the need to leave the premise immediately.
The development of smartphone apps has made it much easier to:
Play tetris or snake (blasts of the past), or more recent games like guess the emoji, bejeweled, and angry bird.
Analyze your bank account trends.
Imessage your neighbor inappropriate comments about the presentation.  (Be sure to follow up with some eye contact to promote inappropriate laughter.)
Instagram your latest selfie.  #ballin

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Virtual Classroom

Happy Tuesday! I started my day a little later than normal with a (slow) run and voting. I tell ya, some days your runs are just NOT good. Today I was not feeling it at all and had to walk multiple times. I think I got too much sleep or am fighting something. Ten hours of slumber may be a bit much...or else I really am sick. Do you normally feel off after a flu shot? I got one at work yesterday, so that could be it, too.

We had parent-teacher conference at work today, so I had to work 11-6 to accommodate parents. Since I work at an elective-based school, there were very few conferences scheduled. However, this caused me to miss my Tuesday class, so I had my first ever video correspondence (via google) during class! This was a somewhat odd experience for me, but it is a great way to be present even when physically not so! Technology just blows my mind sometimes. We only had one minor mishap, but it worked well. I am glad I know this is an option if I ever need to miss class due to work obligations in the future. Only 4 more weeks of class to go!

I hope you all are started off to a good week! Go vote!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pics from the Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I got to enjoy Halloween, time with my friend Nicole and her adorable baby Andrew, and an extra hour of sleep that I devoted to grocery shopping and good prep! Exciting life, huh?

Andrew is about as cute as he can be!

Fall foliage outside my bedroom!

Grapes=wine instead of candy
I have a pretty light week in terms of work and evening events, so I hope to get in some longer runs. Today I had a later training and tomorrow is conference day, so I work 11- 6! I hope to do 6 miles slow around VCU tomorrow morning. I may do the final marathon taper run with friends this Saturday...should be around 8 miles.

I also have started no shave and no gluten November! The no shave is only my legs and for a class at my school , and the no gluten is to try to figure out some stomach issues I have been having. I figure an elimination diet will let me know quickly if gluten is the enemy. Day two and feeling good! I'll write up about it of course.

Any fun plans for you this week?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Workouts (10/27-11/2)

November is here! Loving the cooler temps...most runs in the mornings but knowing daylight savings was coming helped!

Monday: 4 miles after work

Tuesday: 3 mile walk after class+ arms/legs

Wednesday: 4 miles before work + abs

Thursday: 3.2 miles before work + arms/legs

Friday: 3.1 mile walk during lunch

Saturday: 4.5 miles before heading to the beach + abs

Sunday: 4 mile walk on the treadmill +arms/legs

How has your exercising been?! Do you like the cold or warmer temps?