Thursday, November 20, 2014


A lot can change in just a few days!

Whereas a week ago I was gearing up to watch the Richmond Marathon, thinking there was NO WAY I would run one myself...this week I am so motivated by watching the race and talking with my friends who ran that...


Now that it feels like winter, and I have more of a handle on my doctoral classes, I know that I have time to do the training. I am also a fan of winter running. Despite my HATRED of being cold, I like running in the cold (yes, I'm weird). I think this is because I hate to sweat and have a hard time breathing in the heat- cold weather does not hurt my lungs and picks up my pace! The past few weeks of cold, cold, COLD weather for November in Virginia have been great! I also have trained in the winter for the Shamrock Half Marathon for the past two years, so I know how it will work. My runs will just be a little longer on Saturdays (though I got up to 14 last winter for the half), and I will need to incorporate one semi-long run during the week. My goal is to run four days a week and crosstrain another, with two full days off each week.

I have a tentative training plan set up, but I am open to suggestions! Luckily, there is a training group very near my house (at a very reasonable price), so I will meet up with them for my long runs on Saturdays. I will have a solid 16 weeks to train (give or take potential inclement weather affecting some days). I plan to run Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week. That will work out with my spring class schedule (I have class Wednesday and Thursday nights) AND only requires me to do one morning run before work during the week :) It will feel weird sleeping in a little more, because now I get up early probably 2-3 days a week!

I may be crazy, but I honestly feel like there is no better time to do it. I have my training motivation back (after taking about 8 months off from racing) and am excited for the experience. I have no time goals and just want to finish (cross that off the bucket list!). I also will be able to stay at a hotel right next to the start and finish line, so I don't have to worry about race day parking and can get help mid-race if needed (not that I am planning on that). That's awesome!

Wish me luck- running has done such tremendous things for my body/mind/spirit, and I am excited to learn more about myself through this training :)

Who else is winter training for a marathon or big race?
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