Friday, November 7, 2014

Day in the Life 11/6/14

I think these are fun to read, so I am trying to do them more! Here is what my life was like yesterday. Brace yourself, it is thrilling!

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off. UGH. I take 3 minutes to convince myself to get up:(.

5:45 AM: Head to my condo complex's gym, Get excited about new equipment (FINALLY)!

5:47 AM: Watch this week's episode of "New Girl" while I am on the elliptical (it's so nice!!!)

6:20 AM: Head back to my place to shower and get ready for work.

6:40 AM: Leave for work.

7:00 AM: Arrive at work and begin the day. I loved my outfit (I will brace you the details of work, but it involved meetings, some counseling, and some computer/grading issues).

8:00 AM: Have breakfast (gluten-free waffle with cashew butter) and coffee!!!

11:30 AM: Eat lunch at my desk (I do this so I can walk later).

1:15 PM: Go on a walk with a coworker who works in the central office part of my building. We walk on a path that goes to a reservoir behind our building.

1:45 PM: Return to my office and finish up.

My new table outside my office! 

3:00 PM: Leave!

3:25 PM: Arrive home and put things away/get organized.

4:00 PM: Head to VCU to guest lecture in a graduate class on career counseling tools.

5:45 PM: Finish up the presentation and head to MCV (the medical campus of VCU). Call my friend, Ernie, who left me a message, and we chat about "Book of Mormon," which is in Richmond this week. Get mad at myself for not getting tickets/being able to see it.

6:00 PM: Arrive at MCV for Massey Challenge (the organization I volunteer for) meeting.

7:30 PM: Meeting ends and head the rain! Stop on the way to pick up clothes my friend left for me at her place.

8:00 PM: Try on those clothes to decide what to wear to my high school reunion this weekend. Send selfies to friends to help me decide what to wear.

Good with boots?

8:15 PM: Pack lunch for tomorrow, wash up, and get in pajamas. Realize I never fed my cat (whoops)! Feed him and tell him I love him. Put on Bones. Do some push ups and tricep dips.

9:00 PM: Get in bed and watch Bones again on DVD- hey, it was an episode from 6 years ago so I was different.

9:50 PM: Lights out!

That was a pretty busy day with little down time, but now that I take evening classes some days can get crazy busy! As much as I hate getting up in the 5 o'clock hour, I do love knowing on busy days that my workout is done. Glad it is Friday today!
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