Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gluten-Free Week 1

Today marks a full 7 days since I started my gluten-free experiment!

It has been a VERY easy week in terms of eating and planning. I can't eat random things at work or out at events anymore, but that is for the best anyways since I have a hard time stopping eating the good stuff when I am in social situation. The fact that I can't eat gluten makes saying no very easy. I went to an event at a friend's house last night and stuck to stuff I knew was gluten-free, like puppy chow, apple caramel dip, and cheese dip (and then I found out she is gluten-free so that made more options available than usual)!

This week for breakfasts I ate with gluten-free waffles with cashew butter, an egg and an apple. Lunches were sweet potato/quinoa/bean chips, nuts, and overnight gluten-free oats with greek yogurt and honey. I had carrots/hummus, kind bars and gluten-free cereal for snacks. My dinners were mostly veggies and meat, and I have been loving on my dark chocolate bars for desserts.

My stomach has felt pretty good all week! I was not any more or less tired (probably because I kept my carbs stable), but I felt much less bloated. I dropped weight slightly (a little over a pound) without any other major changes in my lifestyle, I feel that is an accurate reflection on the gluten being out of my system. My stomach issues improved but still have some room to go. I didn't worry as much about food touching food with gluten, but I will begin to eliminate those as well. I also made the mistake of having a HUGE cup of coffee at about 6 PM on Friday night, which put my body out of sync for the evening and Saturday morning. Oops! I was really tired, though, and it definitely took care of that!

For the next week I will take notice of any skin or energy level changes. In terms of spending, I am spending a little more only because I am substituting bread for gluten-free bread-like products, which are expensive, and I hope to wean off those as I get more accustomed to the diet. I did make the best breakfast this morning though- sweet potato hash with cinnamon with runny eggs on top...SO GOOD. Much better than eggs on toast:)

Tonight I am heading to my high school reunion at a brewery, and I plan to have wine in my purse:)! Good thing I don't like beer anyways.

Are any of you gluten-free? Any tips for me?
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