Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Days, Dark Nights

I would say "Happy Hump Day," but I have felt like it is Thursday all day, so there is nothing happy about that!

Now that the time has changed and it gets dark early (which I am not complaining about because I appreciate the sun shinning earlier in the morning), I feel like days go by quickly. However, I feel like I do a lot less! I typically do not do much in the evenings, especially the nights I have class until about 7 PM, but even on days when I don't, I am finding low motivation to do things. It's not that I don't want to, but I get lazy and don't reach out to other people. I also feel like I have spent a lot of money lately with travel and random things I have bought myself, so doing things would be an added expense. That coupled with the darkness coupled with me not knowing what any of my friends are doing, leaves the evenings long and uneventful. Blah.

I have been running in the mornings again simply because I like getting the run out of the way, so that frees up my evenings, too. I don't run great in the afternoons before dinner, and now that it gets dark early there is no light after I eat, so running in the morning vs the evening is all darkness. I can access my complex's gym in the evening to catch up on shows, so I sometimes do that or I just watch TV. Though, my TV watching is less than usual because I am not in to many shows right now and find myself just wanting to go to bed at 9 PM :) !

Where am I going with all this? No where really...just that this is a transition time of year, and I am hoping my social life can pick up during the week and not just exist on the weekends! I have isolated myself a bit with being back in school in terms of reaching out to friends, but the truth is that everyone is busy or low-key in the evenings. Spring and summer are definitely better for social gatherings after work- even front porch sitting :)

I am working on new "traditions" to start with friends! I have book club once a month and I volunteer once or twice a month, but what other fun events can I incorporate into my day? Any ideas?
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