Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Travels

I am excited for the two day work week! Can every week be like this?

I started off my day early with a 4.05 mile run. It is warm and humid in Virginia today, so it was a little odd adapting to the temperatures when it has been so cold lately. I do not miss humidity in my runs, that's for sure. I don't love being cold, but once I warm up I do so much better in those temperatures. Even though marathon training officially starts next week, I am using this week as a prep for the schedule of running/cross train days. I think it will work out well!

Due to the snow forecasted for the east coast, our travel plans have slightly changed. Instead of leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning, we are beginning our drive this evening. Hopefully we will make it to Charleston, West Virginia, which would set us up to be out of the storm tomorrow. Driving in the mountains in the snow is not fun. I am bummed I have to miss class tonight, but life happens. I don't think I will be penalized, but missing class in a PhD program when they're only three of you makes it harder. I can't just pretend I'm not there! We also are catching up on material I hate to miss.

So this is starting the whole trip off on a sour note, but all should be good once we get there. We will be gone until Sunday, so it'll be a long time but a nice break from work and day-to-day life! It will also be nice to see my brothers and extended family (grandmom, aunts/uncles and cousins from both sides). I think the race on Thursday morning will be cold (maybe some flurries!) but fun to run.

Oh, and I decorated on Sunday! I figured I had an excuse to pull out the Christmas stuff early, since I will be out of town the rest of the week! I put up a tree, some wall hangings, tinsel, and candles/bowls for the tables (speaking of bowls...HA!)

Grandmom's pillow

Small tree for the single, condo-living gal :)

Old boy snuggling on a pre-Thanksgiving Sunday.

Safe travels for all your plans! I will be back with an update on Friday (hopefully) to talk about my race!
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