Friday, November 14, 2014

Walking @ Work

I am very fortunate that I am able to take "wellness time" at work now. Our students leave when I have about 2 hours left at work, so I save my lunch break for a walk in the neighborhood behind my school.

You can see the clearing field ahead that leads to my school!

I have recruited a few people to walk with me, so most days I have people to chat with. We aim to get out three days a week if possible. Sometimes meetings get in the way.

Paths through the woods!

The neighborhood has great paths and goes along a reservoir, so we have lots of options! We also can walk on the streets. It makes for differing routes most everyday. We try to stay out for 2 miles. It has been great in getting me out of my desk and sitting. I feel so much better getting in the quick walk, and I don't feel pressured to do other activity in the evenings when I am busy. This walk coupled with morning workouts has been great at splitting up my fitness!

Do you get to walk or workout at work?
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