Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/17- 11/23)

Pumped up for my upcoming marathon training season, so I got in some longer runs this week! I am going to start incorporating my pace times, too. Just for fun:) I still can never seem to skip a whole day of exercise- I just hate sitting, but I did ok with cross training this week.

Monday: 40 minute elliptical (weights) -> Started using weight machines instead of body weight

Tuesday: 4.35 miles @ 9:11 before work (abs)

Wednesday: 35 minute elliptical before work (weights)

Thursday: 7 miles @ 9:08 at sunset (abs) -> This run felt AWESOME!

Friday: 2 mile walk at work (arms/legs)

Saturday: 7.1 miles @ 9:24 (abs)

Sunday: 4 miles @ 9:28 (arms/legs)

Excited for my Thanksgiving Day Race (it might be snowing in Cincinnati)! No time goals, just hoping to enjoy the sites and running with my brothers.
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