Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Workouts (11/3-11/9)

Somehow I ended up with no rest days this week...I don't quite know how that happened (probably because I can't ever sit still all day), but I am really going to work on giving my body more rest. Even though though my mileage isn't high, I still know that rest is important!

Monday: 4.2 mile run (abs)

Tuesday: 4 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (arms/legs)

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run + 2 mile walk at work (abs)

Thursday: 35 min elliptical (arms/legs)

Friday: 35 min elliptical + 2 mile walk at work (weights)

Saturday: 4 mile run (abs)

Sunday: 5 mile run

I am excited to watch the marathon in  Richmond next weekend! I am sad to not be doing the half, but I hate that they are both at the same time so if you do one you can't watch the other. I will enjoy the "view" this year and may even join in when I see friend's struggling:)

Are you bad at giving yourself rest days?
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