Monday, December 8, 2014

Buckeyes, Balls and Bad Tipping

First off, GO BUCKS! I am so excited and surprised that Ohio State got into the first college football playoffs! Their huge win on Saturday was totally unexpected, and while I do feel bad for TCU and Baylor, I hope this example will have them expand the playoffs from four to eight teams. I honestly am a low-key football fan, but I do love this time of year when big wins and championship games happen!

Sunday I spent the whole day with two good friends of mine. We hit up a local grocer, Ellwood Thompson's, for lunch and then went to the mall (Short Pump) and out to dinner later in the day. This was my first (and probably will be my only) time at the mall for the holidays since I normally buy all my gifts online. It was fun to go with people when not looking for anything specific AND it was a Sunday evening, so it was not very crowded.

The mall was decorated very impressively, too. I think outdoor malls look so classy in the evening!

I got my first foam roller at Dicks (and was tempted to buy more Under Amour gear...they have so much awesome stuff)! I was still sore after my weekend 8 and 6-milers, so while in Banana Republic, and after I had looked awkward carrying my foam roller around for about an hour in all the stores, I tested it out...and couldn't keep a straight face! Felt so good! 

I don't think anyone noticed me....

We ended the evening a local Italian pizza place in the Carytown area of Richmond. The food is GREAT, but we had the WORST waiter. He had an awful attitude from the beginning. I ordered a pizza gluten-free, and when my bill came I was charged too much. I politely asked what the cost was for gluten-free crust, and he begrudgingly went and asked someone and then told me that all pizzas were the same regardless of toppings in gluten free (which is not true and he even stated didn't make sense but "that is what the price it"). I had been charged $6 bucks extra and had only had a cheese pizza, so I again, in a nice way, stated that I thought that was incorrect compared to what my friends had been charged. He got an attitude, practically ripped the bill from me, and gave me a discount (the computer was right by where we were sitting). I said I was not trying to be difficult but was just asking, and he had a snarky remark. He even rung up my friends' bill with attitude- slapping the credit card all over the machine and entering everything in aggressively.

I left him a dollar! I was so surprised and angry and almost wrote a note on the bill to "check your attitude" but felt bad. I ALWAYS tip 20% since I used to wait tables, so this was really hard for me to do. However, I was not difficult, and it could have been handled in a totally different way. I demand respect if I am giving you respect, which he was not. I know how to address a customer asking a question, and his attitude was awful.

So this is my question for you all...What do you do when you are treated poorly at a restaurant? How much do you normally tip?
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