Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marathon Training

I promise I won't be talking about my training ALL THE TIME, but at the same time this is a big deal for me and I want to share! I am training with a local group for my long weekend runs and hopefully for some of the longer weekday runs as well. We meet at a Gold's Gym about 2 miles from my house, and the runs should go around the area I live in and further into the city/fan (for those of you who know Richmond). I have a full schedule that they gave to us, and I adapted it slightly for my needs. I am going to take one extra rest day from the training plan since it is an intermediate plan, and I am going into it with the mindset of scaling back runs if it becomes too much and I need more rest. I just want to finish! :)

Also, one of my favorite blogs just did a post on how to train for your first marathon, and she had  great tips! Here are some of my favorites:

-Don’t look too far ahead on your training plan.  Take one day at a time!!!  When you first start training for a marathon it is scary to think that in x amount of weeks you will be running 20 miles!  Don’t think about that yet!  You will gradually build up to that distance so there is no need to stress yourself out about those LONG runs before you get to them.
-Forget about time!  Just go run it.  Focus on completion rather than a time goal.  You will have many more marathons after your first one to stress about the time.
-Use some smaller races as part of your training.  These are great dress rehearsals for the big day!  You can work on your fueling, what to wear and pacing during these races to find what will work for you on marathon day!  You can train yourself to avoid going out too fast… going out too fast and wasting all of your energy in the beginning is easy to do in races with all of the excitement and adrenaline!
-For your first marathon, sign up for a course where you will have some fans.  I always get the biggest boost of energy whenever I see any family members or friends along the course.  Choose a course that is close to family/friends so that you can have a little cheering squad there to help you get through some of the tough spots.  
-It is also helpful to choose a course close to home!  This way you can practice parts of the race on your own and know what to expect.
-It’s okay if you miss a few days on your schedule.  I remember when training for my first marathon that I was scared to death to miss a training run.  Over the years and after training for more and more races I have stopped worrying about that.  Things come up… you get sick… you don’t get enough sleep… it’s okay if you need to take a day off every now and then!  You will still rock your marathon!
-Read about it.  Knowledge is power!  HERE and HERE are great books for beginner marathoners to learn all about nutrition, training and mental training!
-Don’t forget—>  Recovery is just as important as training!  Do the ice baths, the rest days when your schedule (and body) tell you to, get enough sleep and foam roll/stretch!
-Go into it knowing that it is going to be tough but that you are strong and it is so worth all of the work (and crazy/painful faces).
Any other tips you think I should keep in mind?
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