Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My morning routine

I keep commenting on other blogs how much I love hearing about people's morning routines/day-to-day lives. I need to remind myself to post on that more in case other people are like me:) And if you're not...I am sorry!

I will start this by saying two things. First, I am a morning person. I hate being out in the dark and/or cold, so most nights I am in my PJ's on the couch by 8 PM at the latest (some days this scene develops at 5 PM...especially since classes are over for the semester). I am at my best from 6 AM until lunch. Then I hate life and want the day to be over. I hate having late evening plans and having to go back out looking presentable once I have come home and unwound. So, keep that in mind while reading:) Secondly, I don't have kids. So that makes my morning much easier than most!

This routine is based on my increased amount of running in the morning. When I don't run, my routine takes about 25 minutes!

5:20: Alarm goes off. I get up right away or within the minute- no snoozing (it's just easier that way for me).

5:22: Bathroom, brush teeth, make my bed, and put on running clothes I laid out the night before,

5:30: Clean the kitty litter, give my cat food and have some water,

5:33: Set up my Garmin in my condo's hallway and put on my shoes,

5:35: Head out for however many miles...I usually run 3-5 and if I need to do more I will get up however many miles more x 10 minutes. Today I ran 4 miles.

Some things about morning runs:

  • I live in an area (the city) with a lot of street lights. 
  • I face traffic when on the road or run with traffic on the sidewalk.
  • I see about 10-15 runners every morning. Most are in groups. I also see lots of dog walkers.
  • There is no traffic to stop for, which makes morning runs so much nicer than afternoon/evening runs.
  • I can run many different routes from my place, so I don't worry about people figuring out my routines.
  • I do wear headphones, but I am cognizant of those around me. I have never felt unsafe.
  • I am never more than 2 miles from my house at any given time in case I am having a bad run.
6:20: This is the latest I like to get back from a run. I drink water right away and rinse off my body in the shower (I do not typically wash my hair unless it is the summer and I can go to work with wet hair).

6:25: Get dressed (I lay out my clothes the night before).

6:30: Do hair/makeup. Hair usually involves dry shampoo, a quick blow-dry if sweaty and a straightener.

6:38: Get my lunch (I make it the night before) and head out the door!

7:00: (Hopefully) Arrive at work!

I eat breakfast and drink coffee once I get to work! It's a quick morning that doesn't leave me a lot of time to get behind, but for the most part I am never more than 5-10 minutes late if I do get behind:)

What is your morning routine like?
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