Saturday, December 6, 2014

NGN Update!

I realized today that I had dropped the ball on my "No Gluten November" updates, so I thought I would fill you in on how it went!

Overall, it went great! I enjoyed feeling less bloated and blah-ish. I did not notice any huge improvements in regards to energy or how my skin looked, but the bloating going away by itself makes it worth it. I did not have a hard time getting enough carbs- I just made sure I was eating more real food as opposed to processed snacks and food products. I was not strict either- I realized mid-way through the month that some nuts I had been eating could have been processed with wheat, and I did not ask waiters specific questions at restaurants regarding 'hidden' gluten- but I never ate anything that blatantly had gluten. I know people with a gluten insensitivity have to do all those things, but luckily I am ok not being as strict. I do feel for those people, though! You have to be VERY's in so many things!

I didn't worry as much about it on Thanksgiving or while I was away for Thanksgiving, but I ate much less of it than I normally do (and nothing scary happened when I did eat it again like I have heard can happen...I was fine- just bloated!). I have been pretty good this week and am planning to keep it pretty much eliminated from my diet (at least from the obvious sources) for the future. However, I will allow myself a Christmas cookie or two:). I will need to be careful while marathon training and make sure I am buying gluten-free bread products so I can get enough easy carbs before and during my training runs. I think I will use larabars as mid-runs snacks and the Gu products.

So if you are thinking about trying it- do it! It's a nice way to check in with your body and see how it makes you feel.
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