Thursday, December 4, 2014

PhD Semester One- DONE!

I officially finished classes last night and turned in all my papers/assignments for my first semester of doctoral studies! Woot woot!

It overall went really well, and I am enjoying being back in school. Some weeks it was overwhelming, but I think the amount of work is do-able with my full-time job and also having a life (aka running)! I will have classes Wednesday and Thursday evenings next semester (with some Monday supervision required for graduate students), and I am excited about getting into new coursework and working on teaching and supervision! I have heard that the workload next semester can be intense, but I am lucky in that my work is very busy in January when classes are only getting underway. My professors have also been great with flexibility when life gets crazy. I may have some weeks where I need to do more schoolwork in the evenings/on weekends than before. Good thing it doesn't always feel like work and I usually enjoy what I am doing (even when it is writing papers:) )!

Over the break I am working on an article with my dad, and I may submit two manuscripts I wrote this semester for publication in educational school journals (one at William and Mary and one at VCU). I will get my feedback from my professors and go from there.

I am excited to begin teaching (!) next fall, so only one more semester (and a summer STAT course) until then! I think becoming a professor is my ultimate goal as long as I can find a research area I feel passionate about. I think the teaching and mentoring parts come more natural for me- just gotta get back into the swing of researching and writing! I feel better about it now, though, than I did just two months ago.

1 down- 7 (?) to go!
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