Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Why I Run

Happy last day of 2014! I thought it would be fitting to end my year of blog postings about a topic that has to do with my New Year's Resolution* to run a marathon- why I run in general.

* By the way, I don't agree with resolutions- you can change your life at anytime, not just for the new year…and you should ADD things to your life as a resolution and not take them away. Making changes is part of a lifestyle overhaul and not a single goal. Remember, DO YOU and find a balance on what changes will work in your life. Don't compare yourself to others.*

While meeting a friend for drinks this weekend, we got to talking about the deeper things in life besides daily life, what TV shows we watch, and how much we miss college (ha!). We got to talking about life and religion and finding/maintaining happiness. Her and her husband have found a great church in their state that has brought them a new sense of purpose and intellectual fulfillment. I am not at a point in my life where I attend church regularly, but I have found other methods of intellectual, emotional and physical fulfillment (besides school, which is obviously a big part). My method is running.

I started running because I fell in love with the high at a race. I had friends who ran in college and, though they tried, they could never  convince me to run. I would occasionally run to the gym, but my choice of exercise was either in sports, like soccer, or the elliptical-esque machines. It did the trick for a while.

I began to feel bored and unchallanged by it all. When I was in grad school, while I still enjoyed going to the gym, I was not getting the high I once had.

I started running to get that high again. To reach goals I set out for myself- from running a mile without stopping to running 2, 3, 4, 13.3, ect. It was such a gradual build that I never gave it much thought nor had lofty goals all at once. As I started running, I signed up for races and my distance goals stemmed from that.

Before I knew it running was in a way my religion. It gave me time to think; to zone out and explore; set goals and meet them; take control of my body and health and nutrition, as well as appreciate the power of what my body can do; develop a holistic approach to health, wellness, and how I want to live my life; to realize what is important and what is not.

I have run in different cities, states and countries...and explored areas I otherwise would not have. I have realized that running is a commonality we all share regardless of culture or lifestyle. It is a time where I prepare mentally and physically for what life has in store. I do some of my best thinking when I run, and often make many decisions while doing so. Even when I dont want to do it, I never regret a run. How many things in life can we say that about?

I have met and become involved in Massey (cancer center) through running and have reconnected with old friends. I have met new friends near and far. Their life stories have inspiried me, challenged me and motivated me. I have become a better person through these people.

When I am ever in a challenging run, I run for all the people who can't. I run for those we have lost, those who are struggling, and for the times I have and will. I run because my life is in my control. Because putting one foot in front of the other through good times and bad shows me that we can make it through anything. That I am capable to overcome difficulties, and therefore should take risks and persevere through them. That my time on this earth is short, so my happiness and well-being are my priority.

These are thoughts the elliptical and gym equipment never could do.

I run because I can. I hope you find something that gives you this power, too.

Also- Check out a blog post I did a few years ago about this topic.

Why do you run? What are your resolutions for 2015 (if you make any)?! 

***Happy New Year!***
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