Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Work & Wine

I have been MIA from the blogging world this week because work and evenings have been busy. It got me thinking about how much of how work is depicts my feelings in other aspects of my life. For instance, when work is busy- I feel busy and rushed all the time; when work is slow- I am bored and aching to do more. I try to keep work very separate from other parts of my life, but my overall mood does roll over. Just an interesting thing to note. At least it is almost winter break!

Between busy days at work, I have had more free time in the evenings for fun activities since classes are over! Last night I went to a 'Wine & Design' party for a coworker who is getting married. She has a calendar of her dog, with the dog being in a themed picture each month. Naturally we decided she needed paintings of these to rotate in her house! It was a riot and such a fun concept! I will have to go back.

My attempt at graduation Petey

Up close

The whole group!

I have more holiday events the rest of this week, so the spirit is running high. I am contemplating moving my long run this week to Friday since the weather looks cold and rainy on Saturday. That is basically the most stressful part of my life at the moment:) Have a great week!
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