Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 5

My last week of break is done:( But some travels, relaxation, reading and running happened, so all is good:)

Monday: 45 minute elliptical (weights)

Tuesday: 7 miles @ 8:31 (This was a WINDY run at Duck, Outer Banks, but was really fast for some reason! I PR'ed my 10k time (53:16) and it was the first time I have run 7 miles in under an hour!)

I rewarded myself with delicious coffee and a rainy walk after my 7 mile PR run. Seriously, though, best coffee shop in Duck.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:33...this may be a PR as well. I love beach running! (Arms)

Thursday: 4 New Years miles @ 8:57. I was happy to feel well enough to run the morning after a late night, but the weather was too beautiful not to! (abs)

Friday: Off. I actually took a full rest day for once since I was driving back from the beach. It was hard but I felt my muscles needed it.

Saturday: 14 miles @ 9:30. This is an estimate as my Garmin died right before mile 11. I estimated the rest of the run by the podcast I was listening to and ran 30 more minutes at the same pace. My fitbit reinforced my estimates. This run was hard- it was cold and rainy, and I slept in so I ran without the training group. My legs felt better at the higher distances, and I carried water with me for the first half and then looped back to my place for water and a larabar. I got really tired around mile 12, but a few weeks ago that was mile 9, so my legs are getting stronger! My stomach felt great the whole time, so I may try more larabars instead of candy. It also satiated my hunger well! This was my longest run ever!

On the last mile...trying to keep my motivation up by taking pictures!

Thank you Serial podcast! I think I listened to about five episodes on this run. Who did it?!

Sunday: 5 miles @ 9:25. I am sick of the dreary weather! (Abs)

Total: 35 + lots of walking I didn't measure since I have a fitbit:)

Have a great (and hopefully fast) week!

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