Thursday, February 26, 2015


Update time! I haven’t spoken too much of my PhD program on here, other than my general up and down feelings about it (isn’t that I am like about most everything, though?), so I thought it was time for an update!

I am currently almost mid-way through semester two! It is crazy to think that in just two short months I will be done with my first year (besides summer classes). I am currently in two classes: I have a pedagogy (teaching) course from 4-6:40 on Wednesday nights and a supervision course the same time on Thursday nights. I also attend a master’s level techniques course at 7 on Monday nights about twice a month to teach or supervise students in practicing their counseling skills.

This past Monday was my first master’s level teaching experience, and it was really fun! I led an hour and a half lesson on basic counseling techniques. It was fun to prepare (the Type A person in me loves lesson planning and making syllabi!) and a good way for me to make sure I am keeping up-to-date with counseling best practices. I think that by teaching you also re-teach yourself. The students were very engaged and brought up points that I had not considered, which I loved! I try to be relevant and fun in how I teach, so I showed a funny TV show clip and even had a “dating” scenario for two students to participate in. I was pleased with how everything went! Only issue is I have to TAPE as I teach/supervise, so I have to watch and analyze that in my classes….should be interesting! I hate watching myself on tape :(. I TALK WITH MY HANDS! MAKE ME STOP.

Overall, I am enjoying being back in school. I will say that I don’t feel that way every day or week (the beginning of this semester was a prime example), but generally I am enjoying the program. The classes are interesting, and I am able to keep it so that I only do school work during the week and not on the weekends, which was a big thing for me. I didn’t want school to take over my whole life and at this point it has not. There are some courses in the future that may be more of a workload, but only taking two at a time keeps that in check. I tend to get things done very quickly, too, which helps. I also have an idea for a dissertation (!), so that has been exciting to start to think about and work on ways I can incorporate that into my papers from now on. If only I didn’t have to pay tuition for the next three years, I would be set! Student forever?!

This summer will be intense, though. My classes end the very end of April, and then starting on May 18th, I will be taking an 8 week statistics course (that I unfortunately couldn’t get out of despite having taken in undergrad already…at least it will be easy) and will be TEACHING a 5 week secondary counseling course. This means that for 5 weeks I will be at VCU Monday-Thursday evenings at 4 until 7 or 8. Ugh. This will greatly impact my ability to run as much (which is obviously what I am most worried about), but I am hopeful that by doing my teaching internship over this period of time I will be lessening my load for next spring when the teaching would be at a less desirable time and would drag on for 16 weeks.  Work should be less crazy during this time, too. It will just make for some long days! Thankfully the weather should be better then.

I also am looking forward to going to more conferences and presenting, because that will combine my love of travel with school! I for sure am going to a conference in October in Philadelphia (which I have never been to) and may go to Phoenix in June. I will aim to go to two conferences a year as long as they are in good places:). Hopefully I will publish some work in the next year as well! I have some article ideas in process.

As for what I want to do with all this? Still undecided, but I like to know that I have so many options in the future. I think that is the best part. As long as I survive until 2018:)

So that is my update for now! If you or someone you know has pursued a PhD while working, let me know any tips!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marathon Burnout

I am tired of marathon training.

There, I said it.

I was so INTO marathon training for the first half of my training cycle. I looked forward to the runs and the schedule and the challenge of it all. I was training for a marathon! I felt like I was high on life and achieving a new goal!

Recently, though, probably because of the weather and slight aches/pains and just getting tired of HAVING to run a certain amount of distance on a particular day, I am just ready for it to be over.

I am ready to feel like my body is rested and running on its optimal fuel. I have been dragging lately.

...ready to not be so hungry all the time.

...ready to not be tired at 7 pm every night.

...ready to say goodbye to all these new aches and pains.

...ready to be able to go out of town or out on a certain night and not worry about how that will affect my Saturday long run.

...ready to run however many (or not) miles I want to in a day.

...ready to be lazy when the weather sucks (i.e. is cold or snowing) and not worry about it impacting my training.

...ready to EXPERIENCE the race and check it off my bucket list.

...ready to be done.

I hate that I am feeling this way on the biggest mileage week of my training cycle, but I am. I think if I do another marathon, I may need to have a shorter cycle. I think I could probably have cut this cycle 2 weeks shorter than I did. I will end up doing an 18, 19 and (weather permitting) 20 miler, and I probably could have eliminated one of those. I am even thinking that if the weather this weekend stinks due to snow on the roads, I won't be too worried about not getting my 20 in. I got my 19 in, at least, even though it would end up being 5 weeks out from the race when ideally your last longest run should be 3 weeks out. But my body and spirit are just tired and could probably benefit from a longer taper. Maybe. But I also know that I like doing things "by the book" and the run will most likely happen. I haven't missed a single run this training cycle (hence why I might be burnt out). I am just mentally trying to cut myself some slack:)

Anyways, you live and learn. I wish I could find more blogs that talk more about mentally becoming "over it!" during a training cycle. Half marathons look SO GOOD right about now. I am actually signing up for one in April in the Outer Banks:)

Long story short: I still love running, just would love running a little less:) 

Any mental tips for me?!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 12

The cold temperatures and snow affected my training this week- mainly in that I had to adjust running days and my pace was WAY slower due to avoiding ice and my muscles feeling stiff. Next week looks better (thank goodness)! We really lucked out with the (winter) weather so far this winter, so I am thankful it came during a drop back week towards the end of training. Hopefully this was it!

Monday: 5 miles @ 9:44 (abs). I knew a big storm was coming so I ran in case the rest of the week was a bust. I was still stiff from 19 on Saturday, so I was slow but I felt much better afterwards.

Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk + 30 minutes elliptical (weights). SNOW DAY! Walking in the snow to lunch was no joke!

Wednesday: 9 miles @ 9: 49 (abs). I dodged ice and snow all on this run. At some points I had to slow WAY down to not fall. I was just glad I go it in. My area does not clean up well after a snow storm (hello, Virginia).

My white puffy vest is now my cold weather running staple.
Thursday: 4 miles on treadmill (weights). Icy and FREEZING outside. Below zero wind chills. I find that if I go slow on a treadmill I can tolerate it more, but I don't pay attention to my speed since it is so different from my pace outside (like a full minute slower feels the same effort).

Friday: Off! Still made sure to get in my 10,000 steps (abs)

Snow a few days after the storm at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts...aka Happy Hour time!!!
Saturday: 14 miles @ 9:30. It was about 15 degrees the whole run with a slight breeze. We ran 12 outside and then I added in a 2 mile warm down because my body was SO COLD. My friend and I commented that we never got into a groove during this run because of how cold it was. Thankfully it was a lower mileage day! My hip felt ok the whole time but still is something I am watching.

I deserve Funfetti Cake after a long run...I ATE IT ALL!
My afternoon spot watching Boyhood with Tony Romo. Weather sucked. I loved the movie!

Sunday: 3.2 mile shakeout @ 9:22 (weights)

Totals: 35.2 miles

Four weeks from today! I am definitely ready to get this big week behind me (40 miles!) and then rest up for the big day. I also have some ideas for a half marathon in April! Half marathons sound so great right about now...

What is your favorite distance to train for?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Far More Than Food

As you all know, some days I am pretty 'surface based' in what I talk about on here and other days I get a little deeper. Maybe it's because I had two snow days this week (with a full week off for students) and more time on my hands, or maybe it's because of other stuff going on in my life, but I have been in a very reflective, deep mood...thinking about life, health, happiness, friends, relationships, work, school, goals, ect...

Through all my reflections, I have come to the conclusion that life is pretty great. I am still navigating my own path and my opinions of which way to go change constantly, but I have to say I am good. Very good. Despite it not being perfect.

I also get in reflective moods from my blog reading, too. I have commented on here about my struggles growing up with eating disorders. It is something that I always have to keep in check since I tend to get obsessive/controlling about things, especially when I feel my life is not in my control. What frustrates me most, though, is hearing other people approach their weight/looks in the same way that I used to. I want to run up to them and yell, 'FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE! THIS ISN'T THE KEY TO HAPPINESS!" Regardless of if someone needs to clean up their diet with whole foods or exercise more, I hate how health and happiness so often comes down to weight when we know that they are not a perfect correlation. Especially working with so many women, weight is such a common topic and I find that very sad. We are SO hard on ourselves. 

I found a great post yesterday that I wanted to share parts of because it spoke so strongly to me:

It was on a morning run when the decision was made. We were running up a hill, feeling the burn in our thighs and a hunger for air in our lungs, when she mentioned her wild idea for the year. "I'm going to give up the scale." She says through labored breaths. I heard her. Offered a breathless "whoa" over out feet pounding on the pavement. The hill affords me some thinking time. It says I can do it too, give up the scale. I don't tell her because I don't want her to know I'm on board, I want to go home and see what my scale says about being on board. 

Twenty four hours later we're back on the roads, running, right foot over left. And I tell her I'm in. I share how I want to savor this year, savor myself and my food and my life and in thinking of savoring all my scale adds is guilt. So I'll join her. 

We weighed ourselves the last time on January 1st in her bathroom, sweaty and fresh off a run. And we haven't stepped on a scale in over a month. I miss it some days, when I feel tired and sort of confused about how my day has measured up against yesterday and the day before that and before that too.

I miss it because it told me how to measure my day. Days weren't good or bad. They weren't productive or restful. They lacked pride or frustration. Instead, they were a number. On light days, skinny days, better days, they were 130. Fat days, bad days, ugh days were 135. That scale told me good morning or not. It told me good afternoon or not. It helped me decide on dinner portions, lunch choices, breakfast options. It told me if I got that second coffee or not. It patted me on the back or kicked my knees out from under me. It said everything, until I said goodbye. 

And now, I decide between hunger and satiation. I let my clothes compliment me, instead of questioning their size. I measure my worth in action and deed, not weight and calories. 

Some days, I stand where that scale used to be and I look in the mirror. I look at myself, the curves and "trouble spots" and think I am beautiful because I'm me, not because of that measuring thing. I am beautiful because beauty happens everywhere, even inside of me. 

That mirror reflects my outsides, a part of me I'm happy with. I look and smile back at me, a genuine, bright smile. I am beautiful because beauty happens everywhere, especially inside of me. And that is a weight no scale is going to measure. 

So beautifully said and strikingly true in how weight can determine good or bad days. I hope that who ever is reading this can get themselves out of the "cycle of the scale" and focus on weight and food as being good or bad, and instead focus on themselves as a WHOLE person with a SOUL. Because no one will ever look back on their life on their deathbed and wish they had been able to lose those last 10 pounds. We will wish upon more time spent experiencing, living, loving and connecting with others. We need to put focus back where it is due- to people, bettering ourselves and our community and being HAPPY (whatever that looks like to you).

Image result for the years teach much which the days

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Facts

Here are some random facts about me the last few weeks...
  1. You know you're on a snow day when it is Wednesday and you haven't washed your hair since Saturday (I will wash it today, I promise)!
  2. My thoughts on "you know you're training for a marathon when..."
    • Any run under a half marathon (13.1 miles) is considered a "drop-back/easy" run .
    • You are always tired and can sleep for about 10 hours every night. I am in bed before 10 PM most every night. Even weekends.
    • You eat an average of 2500 calories a day...and sometimes more! 
    • You're always ALWAYS. It's ridiculous.
    • Your grocery bill has increased exponentially.
    • Icing and stretching certain body parts is a normal part of your evening.
    • You run outside in teens and single digits and don't think it is "THAT bad!" but yet you won't go out and play in the snow.
    • You stalk the weather each week to make sure you can get your runs in.
    • Speaking of snow- these snow days better not ruin my long run plans!
    • Injuries?! What injuries?! I have trained this long I am not letting a little pain derail my plans!
    • You can't wait to not have to run for 2+ hours on Saturday mornings...:)
  3. I am currently on Season 2 of Scandal on Netflix. I haven't made up my mind yet on if I think it is as good as what everyone says. I'll let you know!
  4. I loved the Jeopardy skit on SNL's 40th anniversary special- what was everyone else's favorite?
  5. 19 Kids and Counting is back! You know that's what I will be doing on Tuesday nights again.
  6. I love watching our local NBC12 station with all this winter weather- I feel like they keep me safe!
  7. My mom and I booked out flights and Airbnb rentals for our trip to Vancouver, Seattle and Alaska this summer! I am excited. Now I need to work on my trip plans for my friend Brandy's wedding in April. Yes, I work further in advance first...
  8. I just realized VCU has it's spring break in only 2 weeks- WHAT?! College spring breaks are so early. Too bad it isn't the same dates as my works break!
  9. I also need to update you all on PhD's coming.
  10. Go Wahoos! I am hopeful to go to a UVa game before the season ends if weather cooperates!
I leave you all with a funny video:) How is your February going?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day & Friends

Happy Snow Day! This feels like the first official snow day of the season even though the students have had two days off already (mainly due to ice and a well-timed brief burst of snow). We got about 7ish inches in my area, but that is all a guesstimate as I found out this morning that I do not own a ruler! Snow came in yesterday afternoon and ended before sunrise. I wish it snowed more during the day so I could have watched it!

On my walk to Ellwood's for lunch and company.
This is why VA freaks out over snow!
Not good for driving!

It is nice to see how quiet the city is when the snow falls. I also love living where I can still go places when it snows, unlike growing up in the suburbs where I would be snow-blocked for days.

I also made it up to D.C. on Sunday, since we had Monday off, to visit some friends from growing up and college. I only took one picture but had lunch with my friend Meredith and then went to dinner with a group of college friends and their significant others. 

Friends since 7!
We were in Shirlington, which is a really cute area outside D.C. in Virginia (and near Arlington) with apartments and a great downtown shopping area. We ate at Copperwood Tavern which is a farm-to-table restaurant...SO GOOD! I love it when I can go out to eat and eat meat:)

Shirlington Village
The cool thing about seeing my college friends (besides catching up with them and planning our travels) is being reminded of how much they have influenced my life! I was reminded at dinner how much I HATED running in college (we were talking about marathon training), but that because of two of my sorority sisters who always ran and did half and full marathons, I gave it a try after college. They are the reason I persisted. They influenced a total of four (?) of us to run and do half marathons- even those who barely exercised before. Look how much their simple influence changed our lives! So to Michelle & Jess- THANK YOU. You have changed my life more than you will probably ever know. I thought a lot about that as I was driving home...friends are just awesome:)

Now I am back to enjoying my snow week day :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 11

It is hard to believe only one more increased distance "long" run separates me and marathon day! The three other weeks are drop backs!!! I am hopeful my body repairs itself during the drop back weeks from all this torture training that is leaving me with some aches and pains (mainly in my hip).

Monday: 50 minutes elliptical (abs)

Tuesday: 9.1 miles @ 9:10-> Hip pain from miles 7.5-8 that then went away?! I don't understand this issue, but I am icing it and taking Tylenol! (weights)

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:57-> SPEEDY. I think the weather helped this run, and I had to make it to class right after! (abs)

Thursday: 5 miles @ 9:08 (weights)

Friday: Off! Still made sure to get in my 10,000 steps (abs)

Saturday: 19 miles @ 9:11. FAST run. I was scheduled for 18 but decided once I got to 17 that I would do an extra mile since I wanted to run longer than I had before. I felt great for the first 2 hours and then my hip/butt started bothering me about mile 15. I am getting better at icing and stretching due to this pain...I only hope it doesn't get worse and that the drop back weeks help it heal. My PT friend thinks she knows what it is and really the only solution is stretching, rest and maybe new shoes. I don't want to get new shoes so close to my race, but if I have time tomorrow (I have the day off) I may get a gait analysis to see if there is anything I can do.

DONE! Bundled up for 19 in the cold!

Sunday: 45 minutes elliptical (weights)-> I would have run but winds were gusting at 40+ mph and there was a wind chill of -3 outside. I was not feeling a treadmill run, so I figured switching up and crosstraining was probably better anyway since I was sore from the long run.

Totals: 37.1

It is looking like a lot of cold days and winter weather this week, so I am thankful for a drop-back week again. I might take it easy during the crazy weather to make sure my hip is ok before the big 40 mile week! Again, I think 4 days of running at this high of mileage might be the best for me.

Friday, February 13, 2015


It's Friday, February the 13th yet all around is LOVE because VALENTINE'S day is tomorrow:)

I have spoken in the past of how Valentine's Day doesn't mean much to me in terms of feeling like I need to be in a relationship. It honestly doesn't bother me one way or the other. I actually view the day and time surrounding it as a time to show everyone around you how much they mean to you (I also have awesome friends who throw Valentine's Day gatherings so they can bring all the people they care about together)!

I wrote a few years ago about Valentine's Day during a particularly hard time for me. I said:

What is my ultimate goal or wish? Is it a certain job, travel, money, or family?  I couldn't help but think that it isn't something or someone: instead it is some people. Not necessarily romantic companions but people to share it all with; the ups and downs, the excitement, the worry, the fear, the difficulty and the successes. It all should not be tackled alone. No matter what you do can be made fun or special with those people beside you ... I am lucky that many people in my life can do that.

My friends, all of you, are magnificent people who touch the lives of many, including me. I am lucky to know each and everyone of you. Because I think that true love, true soul mates, are those that grow up with you and stick by you and are your partners in crime even when all the complexities and distances of life get in the way. They are who you know at seven and seventy-seven, some for only a short while and some for your whole life, some to help you through one part and others to stand by you through it all. You may not live with them or know them your whole life, you may not gaze into each other's eyes and share romantic moments and feelings (though that could be argued), but the love you have for your friends can often be the most intimate kind, because it is truly non-binding and without expectations: one done out of pure choice and love.

I love my friends. I look forward to a life with them. They are my constant and true valentines.

I had to reinstate that quote from my baby 24-year-old-self (wasn't I so wise?), because it still remains SO TRUE to my life today. My friends are the loves of my life at this point. No matter who comes and goes romantically, friends are who I could not and would not want to live this life without.

Relationships are tough. They leave you giddy, excited, happy and nervous at some times and uncertain, anxious, sad and angry at others. Often they can leave you questioning your worth, your goals, and your values despite your head telling you the contrary. Leading and feeling with your heart is such an emotional roller coaster. We all know that what is important to you should never be impacted by anyone else, and how you feel about yourself should always remain the most important. Though that is easier said than done!

I have spoken a lot over the past few months of self-worth, life values, DOING YOU, and living in accordance with what you feel is right at the time. I am constantly learning how to navigate the many facets of my life, including work, school, marathon training, friends, family and relationships, and I am a work in progress. But what I have learned is important, mainly that: sometimes letting go is the only answer, quitting is actually winning, and falling down is the only way to pick yourself back up stronger and smarter than before.  *Tell my teenage heart this and she would roll her eyes at you*

So on this Valentine's Day, I don't pretend to be the expert on any relationships, but I do know one thing: the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous. (thank you, Carrie relationship guru).

Happy Valentine's Day today and all year round- surround yourself with people who love you. And love yourself and all your faults, no matter what.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quotes from "Yes, Please"

I read Amy Poehler's book, "Yes, Please," on Saturday afternoon. It was funny and surprisingly poignant. She is no joke and very insightful! Lots of what she said really resonated with me this week. I bookmarked pages to copy the quotes from. Here are my favorites:

On looks:

“Sometimes we whisper it quietly and other times we shout it out loud in front of a mirror. I hate how I look. I hate how my face looks my body looks I am too fat or too skinny or too tall or too wide or my legs are too stupid and my face is too smiley or my teeth are dumb and my nose is serious and my stomach is being so lame. Then we think, “I am so ungrateful. I have arms and legs and I can walk and I have strong nail beds and I am alive and I am so selfish and I have to read Man’s Search for Meaning again and call my parents and volunteer more and reduce my carbon footprint and why am I such a self-obsessed ugly asshole no wonder I hate how I look! I hate how I am!” 

On your career:

"Treat your career like a bad boyfriend.

Here’s the thing. Your career won’t take care of you. It won’t call you back or introduce you to its parents. Your career will openly flirt with other people while you are around. It will forget your birthday and wreck your car. Your career will blow you off if you call it too much. It’s never going to leave its wife. Your career is f**king other people and everyone knows but you.

Your career will never marry you.

Career is something that fools you into thinking you are in control and then takes pleasure in reminding you that you aren’t. Career is the thing that will not fill you up and never make you truly whole. Depending on your career is like eating cake for breakfast and wondering why you start crying an hour later.

...ambivalence is a key to success. I will say it again. Ambivalence is key. You have to care about your work but not the result. You have to care about how good you and how good you feel, but now about how good people think you are or how good people think you look I realize this is extremely difficult. I am not saying I am particularly good at it. I'm like you. Or maybe you'er better at this and I am. You will never climb Career Mountain and get to the top and shout, 'I made it!' You will rarely feel done or complete or even successful Most people I know struggle with that complicated soup of feeling slighted on one hand and like a total fraud on the other. Our ego is a monster that loves to sit at the head of the table, and I have learned that my ego is just as rude and loud and hungry as everyone else's. It doesn't matter how much you get; you are left wanting more. Success is filled with MSG.” 

On life and time:

"The only thing we can depend on in life is that everything changes. The seasons, our partners, what we want and need. We hold hands with our high school friends and swear to never lose touch, and then we do. We scrape ice off our cars and feel like winter will never end, and it does. We stand in the bathroom and look at our face and say, “Stop getting old, face. I command you!” and it doesn’t listen. Change is the only constant. Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general well-being. See what I just did there? I saved you thousands of dollars on self-help books. If you can surf your life rather than plant your feet, you will be happier. 

So change happens and time passes. If you hate your stupid boring town and can’t wait to get outta there and show everybody what a kick-ass break-dancer you are, then this is good news. If you get really good at break dancing and then realize nobody gives a shit about break dancing anymore, this news is bad. Time moves too slow or too fast. But I know a secret. You can control time. You can stop it or stretch it or loop it around. You can travel back and forth by living in the moment and paying attention. Time can be your bitch if you just let go of the “next” and the “before.”"

On patience:

"In the shop, I found an old-timey bathing suit. I brought the bathing suit home and looked at it. I thought about who might have owned it before. The bathing suit didn’t fit into my life at that moment. I was too busy to go swimming. I felt disconnected from my body after having kids. And I was sad. I sat in the moment, looking at that bathing suit. I thought about how long my winter had felt. My brain fooled me into thinking the winter would never end. I closed my eyes and thought of what my life would look like when it did finally end—what six months from now might feel like. I put this bathing suit in a drawer and it waited for me to take it traveling. And then six months later I went to Palm Springs with a bunch of wonderful women. They were my beautiful friends who had helped me through a difficult year. We were going swimming and I reached into my bag to find a bathing suit. I had put this old-timey bathing suit in with the rest. I tried it on again and I felt beautiful. I thanked the bathing suit for waiting for me. I thanked the women for holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself. I thought about the woman who had worn that bathing suit before and realized she was another woman who had helped me. I thanked her too. I realized I had traveled again, this time into a happier future. I stood in the sun. I thanked the sun.

The more I time-travel the more I learn I am always just where I need to be."

On living:

“I cannot stress enough that the answer to life's questions is often in people's faces. Try putting your iPhones down once in a while, and look in people's faces. People's faces will tell you amazing things. Like if they are angry, or nauseous or asleep.

The only way we will survive is by being kind. The only way we can get by in this world is through the help we receive from others. No one can do it alone, no matter how great the machines are."

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 10

Week ten! Hard to believe mileage is getting so high and the marathon is in sight! I thoroughly enjoyed my drop back week and felt MUCH better on Saturday after taking an extra day off running this week- I think 4 running days a week with mileage this high might be my sweet spot!

Monday: 50 minutes elliptical (abs)

Tuesday: 8.5 miles @ 9:23 (weights)

Wednesday: 4.5 miles @ 9:33 (abs)

Thursday: 50 minute elliptical (weights)

Friday: Off! Still made sure to get in my 10,000 steps (abs)

Saturday: 12 miles @ 9:17-> This run felt AWESOME! What a difference a few weeks makes in terms of my first 12 versus this one. No stiff muscles or knees and my last 4 miles were sub 9 minutes! I started off slow in case my hip was still sore. I ran with the half training team and added on 4 miles- they were a great group! I may run with them more and add on the additional mileage I need depending on the week. I also never took a picture of myself this week- I think you'll live!

Sunday: 6.55  miles @ 9:08 -> I wanted to run for a full hour since Saturday's run felt so good and I wasn't sore at all (arms)

Totals: 31.55

What do you think your running "sweet spot" is? I am thinking when I am done training, 20-25 miles a week might be mine! Not too much to get injured and plenty to maintain my running fitness (while also keeping my sanity/not running my life!).

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Feelings

I totally dropped the ball on blogging this week. I wish I could pinpoint why. I think after the Superbowl Sunday night, the week just got off on a weird foot and I never really had myself fully together. I felt off again this week (February, you stink!) and work was bleh Monday and Tuesday. By the time Wednesday rolled around, work and classes both picked up at the same time and the rest of the week flew by. Now it is Friday afternoon and I feel like I can breathe again!

I took the drop back week pretty seriously with running and only ran two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) for a total of 13 miles. I cross-trained Thursday instead of running just to make sure my hip pain is resting more. I have 12 miles tomorrow, so it hopefully will feel ok.

A college friend stopped by this Thursday night after class! She was my hallmate my first year at UVa. She lives in D.C. and had a work meeting in Richmond. I hadn't seen her since June 2012! We had wine (obviously) and caught up.

Ignore the bad lighting and how tired I look.

I hope this weekend is good. I have a work open house on Sunday, so that stinks, but I am just keeping my eye on the prize for NEXT weekend which is a THREE DAY WEEKEND!

I think the moral of the story this week is...snow, where are you?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 9

Whew! This training is getting tiring. I tell ya- that 16 mile run last week left me sore until Tuesday. The higher mileage is tough! I am thankful for an upcoming drop back week to rest and heal my muscles/joints!

Monday: 40 minutes elliptical (abs)

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 9:08 (weights)

Wednesday: 3.1 miles on the treadmill (abs) -> slight pain developed in my upper side thigh...made me a little nervous

Thursday: 5 miles @ 9:18 (weights) -> still had slight pain (probably a 2-3 on a 10 point pain scale)

Friday: Off! Still made sure to get in my 10,000 steps (abs)

Saturday: 18 miles @ 9:36. This run was super hilly from miles 6-11, so that part was tough. Once we were through the hills I felt pretty good. Not as much end pain as last week, which is good! My hip also felt good. It was cold though- 20 degrees or so. I dressed well and was only cold at the water stops.

I want to point out how I love under armour headbands and their warmth but how they are not attractive on me. At. All.

Not too shabby- hills hurt our pace but we sped up at the end.

See I can clean up nice! Too bad UVA lost:(
Sunday: 5 miles @ 9:21 (weights)-> I felt much better this week on Sunday than last week! Yay!

Total: 39.1 miles

Have a great week! How were your runs this week?