Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Feelings

I totally dropped the ball on blogging this week. I wish I could pinpoint why. I think after the Superbowl Sunday night, the week just got off on a weird foot and I never really had myself fully together. I felt off again this week (February, you stink!) and work was bleh Monday and Tuesday. By the time Wednesday rolled around, work and classes both picked up at the same time and the rest of the week flew by. Now it is Friday afternoon and I feel like I can breathe again!

I took the drop back week pretty seriously with running and only ran two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) for a total of 13 miles. I cross-trained Thursday instead of running just to make sure my hip pain is resting more. I have 12 miles tomorrow, so it hopefully will feel ok.

A college friend stopped by this Thursday night after class! She was my hallmate my first year at UVa. She lives in D.C. and had a work meeting in Richmond. I hadn't seen her since June 2012! We had wine (obviously) and caught up.

Ignore the bad lighting and how tired I look.

I hope this weekend is good. I have a work open house on Sunday, so that stinks, but I am just keeping my eye on the prize for NEXT weekend which is a THREE DAY WEEKEND!

I think the moral of the story this week is...snow, where are you?
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