Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day & Friends

Happy Snow Day! This feels like the first official snow day of the season even though the students have had two days off already (mainly due to ice and a well-timed brief burst of snow). We got about 7ish inches in my area, but that is all a guesstimate as I found out this morning that I do not own a ruler! Snow came in yesterday afternoon and ended before sunrise. I wish it snowed more during the day so I could have watched it!

On my walk to Ellwood's for lunch and company.
This is why VA freaks out over snow!
Not good for driving!

It is nice to see how quiet the city is when the snow falls. I also love living where I can still go places when it snows, unlike growing up in the suburbs where I would be snow-blocked for days.

I also made it up to D.C. on Sunday, since we had Monday off, to visit some friends from growing up and college. I only took one picture but had lunch with my friend Meredith and then went to dinner with a group of college friends and their significant others. 

Friends since 7!
We were in Shirlington, which is a really cute area outside D.C. in Virginia (and near Arlington) with apartments and a great downtown shopping area. We ate at Copperwood Tavern which is a farm-to-table restaurant...SO GOOD! I love it when I can go out to eat and eat meat:)

Shirlington Village
The cool thing about seeing my college friends (besides catching up with them and planning our travels) is being reminded of how much they have influenced my life! I was reminded at dinner how much I HATED running in college (we were talking about marathon training), but that because of two of my sorority sisters who always ran and did half and full marathons, I gave it a try after college. They are the reason I persisted. They influenced a total of four (?) of us to run and do half marathons- even those who barely exercised before. Look how much their simple influence changed our lives! So to Michelle & Jess- THANK YOU. You have changed my life more than you will probably ever know. I thought a lot about that as I was driving home...friends are just awesome:)

Now I am back to enjoying my snow week day :)
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