Friday, March 6, 2015

A Random Week

It was a random week, that's for sure.

I taught again at VCU on Monday, went to a Massey Cancer Center Fundraiser on Tuesday (donate to my team!), had class on Wednesday night and then we got ice/snow on Thursday (so I went in for half a day), and got another snow day today.

And I also started rewatching Lost. STILL. SO. GOOD.

Yay for more winter running...j/k.

I was still sore/stiff from my 20 miler when I did my 8 miler on Monday (I had to do it a day early due to weather), but I wore my new shoes and took my recovery serious. I love compression sleeves.

I got my hair cut at work on Wednesday by a Cosmetology student. She did a great job! I have thick hair so it is always a long cut!

It was a bit warmer Wednesday so I enjoyed a leisurely stroll around VCU before class.

And I got new glasses for driving! I got Lasik 4 years ago but have lately noticed that I have a hard time seeing at night while driving or while looking at certain screens from a distance. My eye site isn't bad (20/30....from 20/15 right after Lasik) but enough for needing a little help in terms of sharpness and glare. I still had my frames from before my surgery which saved some cost (glasses are expensive)! Hopefully this is all I need and won't need to get a touch up procedure down the road! My eye site used to be so bad, so I am still very satisfied.

Today I am cleaning and doing laundry before potentially running (?) before meeting a friend for her birthday happy hour. I am looking forward to seeing friends this weekend for a baby shower in Virginia Beach and WARMER weather coming! Too bad my long run (12 miles) will still be cold and icy:(

Have a great weekend! What are you up to?
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