Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I saw this on Running with Spoons and had to do my own version!


Book: None:( I have not read much since the new year due to school and just not being in the mood! Do textbooks and research articles count as books?!

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Music: “Hero” by Family of the Year

Guilty Pleasure: Ummmm, donuts probably! I have eaten them a lot during this training cycle!

Nail color: None- it’s been so dry I have been letting my nails be free to “breathe" and try to put lotion on them all the time.

Drink: COFFEE! I have found a new all-natural creamer that I love. Milk, cream and sugar. BOOM.

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Food: Baked sweet potato chips. I have them every day for lunch and food-prep them every Sunday. I could literally eat all the ones I bake on Sunday in one sitting. I LOVE THEM.

Obsession: My fit bit...I love knowing my steps and how it syncs up to lots of different apps:) It's been fun!

Wish: That school was cheaper and I had more money to travel…

Need: Warmer weather!

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Triumph: Training for a marathon! Is it March 22nd yet?!

Bane of my existence: Training for a marathon…haha:)...and my car...lots of little issues coming up. Womp womp:(

Indulgence: Dark chocolate…every day!

Procrastination: I need to touch up some walls in my condo but I never get motivated to do it…if anyone wants to come over and help, let me know! I will provide the paint:)

Blessing: Health of myself, friends and family. I am very lucky.

Excitement: I am seeing lots of out of town friends the next two weekends, so I am excited to see everyone and to start traveling a little bit more this month!

I get to see these girls next month!

Mood: Optimistic :)

Link: http://markmanson.net/fuck-yes#sqyrbY:j6A. Such a good thing to keep in mind while dating or in a relationship!

What are your currents?

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