Thursday, March 26, 2015

Odds and Ends

It has been a letdown week after all the excitement from this weekend! I took Monday off to recoup from everything, but I still feel like this week has been busy. No running has happened as I have let my body heal (I was sore until today). Still, I have felt exhausted and "off" as I get myself back to normal. I am sure that being sick last week has also not helped my recovery. I have also been busy with PhD-school events (class, teaching and conducting interviews for the master's level program) and volunteering for Massey for the Monument 10k this weekend. I am not as excited about the race as I normally am due to the fact that I won't be well-rested for it and my friends who normally host a party (they live on the race route) aren't having people over this year:(. It'll be different!

In some exciting news, favorite show is coming back for a limited run!!! Can we talk about how amazing it is to google "The X Files" and see all these articles?!

Amazing. I am pumped. I hope it is good!

Also, on what will probably be my last comment on the marathon (for a while), I have been thinking about my training and if I would do anything differently if I run one again. In short, I think I would. I feel I was very prepared for this race and definitely wouldn't have wanted to do another 20 or 22 miler like some training plans have you do, but I would have actually cut it shorter. I think I hit a mental wall about 4 weeks out from the race where I just wanted to be done. I was tired, mentally and physically, and felt like it was taking over my life. I didn't feel some of the runs were really necessary and I could have upped my mileage a bit faster. I think if I can maintain a 10 mile long run once a month (I am thinking about alternating a 6-8-10 weekend schedule), I could do a 12 week training program and up my mileage a bit faster, like 10-12-14-dropback-16-dropback-18-dropback-20-dropback- dropback- race, or something like that.

It is kinda sad this is no longer on my fridge:(
This was exactly what I did for this race (plan was typed and actual mileage was written in), and I feel that the slow increase at the beginning could have been cut off. We'll see how I feel at the end of the summer if I decide to do the Richmond Marathon in the fall:) Can you believe I didn't miss a single planned run until my last taper week when I got sick?! Crazy! I doubt that will ever happen again.

Anyone else adjust their training plans after they do their first marathon? Any tips for me incorporating speed work?
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