Thursday, April 30, 2015


Is my post title cleaver or stupid? I can't decide.

Guess what?! I am officially done with semester 2 of my PhD! Yay! About 4 more semesters (not including summer sessions) aka 2 years of classes to go before the fun of DISSERTATION begins. I can't wait. Seriously, let'

This was actually an anti-climatic end as both classes had about the same amount of work due throughout the semester, so there was no BIG end project that I needed to get off my chest to feel relieved. I had a big paper due the second week of April that was the biggest relief of the semester, but otherwise everything was very manageable and spread out (with a lot of reading). The work load was very do-able this semester, and I enjoyed working with the master's level students for 6 weeks in teaching and supervising. I am excited for more teaching this summer and next fall!

That being said, I am excited for a 3 week break before summer classes start and celebrating in Chicago this weekend! I honestly won't know what to do with myself during the week without having to go to VCU at least twice a week after work. WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WITH FREE TIME?! I need a new Netflix show as I am almost done with Lost. And I may read. And run. And eat. So I guess not much is really changing...Maybe I will sleep more-> not that I don't get enough sleep anyways:) 

Can we also talk about how I just realized today while checking into my flight that on Frontier Airlines you have to pay for a CARRY ON?! WTF?! It is $30! Now, I know I am cheap but my goodness that is ridiculous. I am driving up to D.C. to take a cheaper flight and it will end up not being that much cheaper. I will never fly this airline again. This is killing my traveling frugal-ness! Arg. I think someone should pay this for me- mom?! dad?! random friends that have better jobs and aren't in school?! I think I may take the challenge and fit everything in a backpack (which is free to carry on). We'll see if I can do this.

And another random catch-up item, someone recently asked me about how my body changed while marathon training. I realized I never really commented on it on the blog-> probably because I didn't have too much too say nor any kind of eye-opening insight. I didn't weigh myself much at all during the 16 weeks of training, but I think I gained about 2-3 pounds of muscle. However, I lost inches all over (except my wonderful thighs), so I was told by people that I looked thinner. It is hard to find a balance between eating enough but not too much during training because you are hungry! My food bill definitely increased:) Since it's only been about 5 weeks since the race and I have still been running regularly, I haven't noticed much of a change in weight/body composition, but my hunger has decreased a little. I honestly don't weigh myself much and just go by how my clothes fit. So again, no life-changing information from my experience, but I know every one's body adapts differently to training. I am usually pretty healthy, but I didn't always stick to great habits during training and usually gorged myself the day before, during, or after my long run:) Gotta enjoy a little extra junk when it is "acceptable." Just can't go toooooo crazy all the time!

And look what I got to do at work today! Pick up dogs from Richmond Animal League for our Vet Science class! Not too shabby of an errand:)

They were so good!
Have a great weekend! I will be in Chi-town with a recap coming early next week!

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