Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Media Blows

I have been wanting to talk about this for a while, but when I try to sit down and write a post about it, my thoughts do not get put into words on print very well. Here is my attempt!

I am sick of basically everything about the media-> news, social, entertainment, ect. I have begun completely turning off the TV (I literally only watch Netflix now...don't get me started on commercials and certain reality shows) and am finding that when I go online and I am not reading blogs and instead come across news stories, I just get annoyed and question the state of our society. News made out of nothing, hateful comments, judgement, too much emphasis on who is dating who/how much weight they have gained or lost/who is a jerk in real life/who is overwhelming and saddening. Part of this is my fault,- I have let the media become too big a presence in my daily life- but part of it is also the state we are currently in. This happens on TV, in magazines, on the radio, facebook, instagram, twitter, ect...

I was at brunch this past weekend with some friends, and at the table next to us an entire family was on their phones, not talking to one another. The saddest part is I know this is not unusual. At my work students are getting in fights over social media- screen shots being sent of pictures or conversations, threatening is constant. More so this year than in year's past, probably because I am working with middle schoolers, but it is a constant issue even with high school students. The amount of drama created via apps, smartphones and the internet is exponential.

I also hate what I hear when I watch the news. I typically only have the news on in the morning while I am getting ready because I like my local weatherman, but so many of the stories are fluff and oftentimes the network is plugging it's own shows. There are "investigations" on issues that are unfounded and often little research is going into the stories. It is like news stations are so desperate for SOMETHING to fill their time (since they are on ALL THE TIME) that the quality is so low. I think it makes people think things are a bigger deal than they actually are, and it gives people power that they did not have before, because their complaints or concerns can now get warrant.

Don't get me started on entertainment. I have loved People Magazine my whole life, but when this was an article on their website yesterday, I just about felt the need to write a complaint to the editor.

REALLY?! THIS is what you call an "incredible body transformation...?!." First, it looks like someone went from in-shape to SUPER in-shape...and why are we using Reddit as a basis for a People website story?! It is my own fault that I go to these websites when I am killing time, but I can't help but feel that they are just getting so much worse than they used to be. Made up stories on things that mean NOTHING are what fill their pages and websites. I love TV and movie scoop, especially recaps and reviews of shows, and even sports stories, but I think the rest of the entertainment industry is going garbage.

Because of all this, I find myself judging people I have never met and having opinions on situations that I do not know the whole story on. Since when does that give me a right to have an arguable opinion? What ever happened to getting facts straight, researching or LIVING an experience to make up what we think about it? The Bruce Jenner story for one thing. Until I saw the interview I very well may have silently judged what was going on based on the media reports. That is not cool and should not be something I do about people/events I otherwise would know nothing about.

Staying away from the media is hard and oftentimes I do not know a lot of the hard news occurring because I stay away from it so much (my knowledge of the Baltimore riots this week has been limited because I don't watch or read much news), but I just can't immerse myself in this culture anymore. So much of our lives are now based off of the fakeness that is the internet, and I just want to do back living in my bubble and only having opinions or making decisions on things that I am in the presence of. Or when I do have opinions, learning the whole story before I make up my mind. I guess that is what TRUE living is, right?!

It is hard to totally distance yourself from it all, and there are so many things about media that I DO like: staying connected to people, following celebrities (yes, my vice), recipes, pictures, ect...but there is such a fine line between not letting it impact your own life and judgments. My new goal is to really take this to heart and try not to judge or expose myself to this crap as much. I also want to call out people more who are doing it. I am tired of being polite and standing idly by while others judge.

There is so much more to life that all this crap. The media blows.

How do you feel about the media? What do you do to stay away and be nonjudgemental?
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